Thermostat and Controllers

Thermostat and Controllers

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Salus Quantum Wireless Programmable Thermostat WQ610RFSalus Quantum Wireless Programmable Thermostat WQ610RF
Salus RM-16A Relay ModuleSalus RM-16A Relay Module
Salus RM-16A Relay Module
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Salus Smart Relay SR600Salus Smart Relay SR600
Salus Smart Relay SR600
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Salus Quantum Hardwired Thermostat - SQ610Salus Quantum Hardwired Thermostat - SQ610
Salus Universal Gateway Control UG600Salus Universal Gateway Control UG600
Salus Quantum Thermostat - SQ610-RFSalus Quantum Thermostat - SQ610-RF
Salus Smart Button - SB600Salus Smart Button - SB600
Salus Smart Button - SB600
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Precise temperature control for your home or office

Salus Quantum smart thermostats are the perfect accompaniment to our Kiasa infrared heating panels, as they offer fast, accurate and reliable temperature control whenever you need it. Sleek, stylish and ultra-slim, we know you’ll love what this intelligent thermostat will bring to your smart home setup.

Energy efficiency has never been easier

Reducing the temperature of your home or office by just 1°C can make a huge difference to the amount of energy you use. Salus Quantum temperature controls are helping people across the UK to run more environmentally friendly homes and significantly cut down their energy bills in the process, which means an excellent return on investment and complete peace of mind from day one.

Live life the Kiasa way

We’re passionate about helping people to live more comfortable and convenient lives whilst reducing the carbon emissions of their homes and offices. Salus Quantum smart heating thermostats give you quick and easy access to your energy usage through the device and also a handy smartphone app, allowing you to monitor and change the temperature and create energy-efficient schedules in an instant.

Pin lock system

Homeowners, tenants and landlords alike love the Salus Quantum pin lock feature, as it gives the option to lock the system so that the settings can only be changed by certain people. This is great news if you have children or visiting relatives who like to tamper with the thermostat, as you’ll always be in control of the temperature and your heating bills.

Innovation at its core

Available as hardwired or wireless devices, the Salus Quantum range of smart thermostats provides precise temperature control of electric radiators and underfloor heating systems. You can set heating schedules for Monday to Sunday or choose specific schedules for individual days, which is a great way to save energy whilst you’re at work, on holiday or simply out and about.

A built-in humidity sensor is another useful feature, as the regulating of humidity in the home and office can help to prevent condensation and mould from forming. Aside from helping you to keep your home comfortable and inviting, this is also great news for people with asthma and other respiratory conditions, as humidity control makes the air easier to breathe and also promotes a good night’s sleep.

Use voice control for instant access

We’re pleased to say that Salus Quantum thermostats can also be connected to Alexa and Google Home devices, which means that you can check, change and control the temperature of your home or office through voice control. Simply ask your smart home device to set the temperature and your Salus thermostat will do the rest!


Illios Heating Bars

We advise installing the heater at least 1.8m from the floor and tilt to the appropriate direction to maximize the efficiency of the heater.

The DW range has TWO settings. Give you the option to use it at half the wattage. The J Range doesn't have this setting. It has one setting.

The cable is approx. 1.7m. Yes the cable can be extended however, we do recommend that you use a qualified electrician to install your heater.

No, there is no light emitted from the product. The only light that will be on is the LED screen on the DW range or the little red right on the J Range. When the heater is initially started, there will be a smell coming of the heater for a few hours. This is perfectly normal as this is burning off the protective oils from the heater.

Classic+ Remote Control

When pairing the remote to your Classic+ Infrared Panel, all you have to do is switch on the panel, hold down the + and – button down together until the ‘connect’ button has started to flash and you hear a ‘beep’ sound indicating that it is connected.
When the ‘connect’ sign on the remote has stopped flashing, this is your second indicator that a connection has been established. You are now ready to set up any mode you like.

After successfully pairing the remote to your panel, you can set up to 4 different modes using the remote.

Pressing down the M button you will be able to switch between the system time and the thermostat. When you have decided, press down and hold the M button.

When in thermostat mode the mode use the + and – buttons to decide if its mode 1, 2, 3 or 4 (the programme slots) you want to change. When you’re ready press ok.

The ‘target’ temperature should immediately start flashing. Using + or – set the desired temperature and then press ok.

Next it will ask you to set the days of the week using the + and - buttons. You have 4 options. You can set it on weekly, weekend only, daily or just for the just for weekdays. When you have decided press OK.

Next it will give you the option to set the ‘ST’ (start time) first and then, after you have pressed ok, the option for the ‘ET’ (end time) will come up. Press ok and you are good to go.

NOTE: When the screen has been left on idle for more than a few seconds, the screen will switch off to save power.

When you have set up your mode, you will know that it’s on when the ‘on’ button is on and the sign for the ‘heat’ mode is on.