infrared heating panels


Infrared Heaters produce heat INSTANTLY! 

​From when you plug the heater in, the device will

start to produce heat right away and give you focused heating! Warming you and your surroundings quicker, meaning you won't have to keep heaters on for long periods of time.

kiasa heating panels


They are able to prevent damp and mould as radiation heat produced from the heaters penetrates through walls. This warms the walls up and absorbs the heat preventing moisture from settling in.

kiasa heating panels


Save up to 60% on your bills by switching to our infrared heaters. This is because infrared heaters are able to keep spaces and people warm whilst having low energy usage. They are able to provide focused heating in certain areas, so no energy will be wasted in areas that don’t need to be heated & the heater won't need to be used for long periods of time.

There's no need for a boiler, pipe work or any other bulky and chunky heaters - therefore, no need to call anyone for installation. Added bonus - There are no maintenance costs!

kiasa heating panels


Infrared heaters are a great eco-friendly alternative to central heating radiators. IR heaters don't emit any Carbon Dioxide or other harmful gases that are damaging our planet. You can help save our planet now, by switching to our environmentally friendly infrared heaters.

kiasa heating


Infrared heaters do not collect dust unlike central heating systems. This is because when an Infrared Heater is on, there is NO airflow whereas central heating systems use convection to transfer heat around the room. During this process dust particles that is collected by radiators also transfer around the room as well.