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Future-Proof Your Home with Mixergy

Discover the cutting-edge of home heating with Mixergy's innovative solutions. Our advanced engineering and machine learning technology ensure seamless integration with any heat source, making our products solar panel-compatible and heat pump-ready by default. Plus, with a 25-year guarantee, you can confidently embrace the future of home energy. Experience the ultimate efficiency by combining our systems with infrared heating, setting a new standard for sustainable and reliable home comfort.

Energy-efficient heating solutions for your home or office

Mixergy won Housebuilder Product of the Year 2021, and for good reason. These clever hot water tanks enable you to live better, save money, and reduce the carbon footprint of your home. Using an intelligent system that gives you all the hot water you need when you need it, Mixergy hot water tanks reduce your energy consumption and have a positive impact on your utility bills.

Save money every month

We’re serious about energy efficiency. On average, our customers save up to 20% on hot water bills thanks to the Mixergy volumetric heating system. The hot water tanks are designed so that you can build a schedule that ensures you always have hot water when you need it, plus the tank delivers hot water up to five times faster than conventional systems.

Manage your hot water from anywhere

Thanks to your Mixergy hot water tank being connected to an app, you’re always in control and can manage your hot water 24/7 from anywhere in the world. This means that whether you’re at home, at work, on the move or even taking a well-earned holiday, you can set smart schedules, turn your hot water on or off, and track your consumption in just a few clicks.

“Alexa, boost my hot water”

For even greater convenience, Mixergy intelligent hot water tanks can be voice controlled through Alexa or Google Home devices. If you’re looking for a hot water system that saves time, money and energy, get in touch to explore how Mixergy can be easily integrated into your smart home setup. 

What if my Wi-Fi goes down?

Don’t worry if your internet or Wi-Fi are on the blink, as Mixergy hot water tanks also come fitted with a simple gauge attached to the tank’s controller. This means that you can still manage, control and boost your hot water even if you don’t have an internet connection.

How long does it take to fit a Mixergy tank?

We aim to have your intelligent hot water system installed within six weeks of placing an order. Simply set up a call and one of our energy efficiency specialists will talk you through how the system works and determine which tank is right for you. This will include the size of the tank and which Kiasa heat source could be used. If you have multiple energy sources, you can even use the Mixergy app to instantly adjust or swap the tank’s settings to maintain your hot water needs in the most eco-friendly way.

What’s more, due to Mixergy tanks delivering up to 30% more usable hot water compared to conventional cylinders, we may even be able to install a smaller tank that takes up less space whilst ensuring top levels of performance.

Set up a call

Ready to live a more convenient life and reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint in the process? We’re ready to help you choose the right Mixergy product for your home – all you need to do is set up a call with our helpful Kiasa team of smart heating specialists.



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