Classic IR Panels

Classic IR Panels

Warmth meets innovation, and comfort is redefined with a touch of luxury.

Our Classic IR Panels offer instant, soothing heat at your fingertips. With the state-of-the-art Carbon Crystal Element technology, they deliver warmth that envelops you in seconds, making the everyday feel extraordinary. Classic IR Panels are versatile as they can stand independently with our panel feet, can be elegantly mounted on walls, or subtly integrated into ceilings.

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180W Infrared Heating Panel180W Infrared Heating Panel
180W Infrared Heating Panel
Sale priceFrom £78.30 Regular price£98.59
350W Infrared Heating Panel350W Infrared Heating Panel
350W Infrared Heating Panel
Sale priceFrom £92.56 Regular price£110.08
600W Infrared Heating Panel600W Infrared Heating Panel
600W Infrared Heating Panel
Sale priceFrom £131.73 Regular price£153.80
720W Infrared Heating Panel720W Infrared Heating Panel
720W Infrared Heating Panel
Sale priceFrom £163.11 Regular price£191.90
Sold out
1200W Infrared Heating Panel1200W Infrared Heating Panel
1200W Infrared Heating Panel
Sale price£252.14 Regular price£297.89
Sold out
960W Infrared Heating Panel960W Infrared Heating Panel
960W Infrared Heating Panel
Sale priceFrom £203.47 Regular price£242.90
Salus Quantum Hardwired Thermostat - SQ610Salus Quantum Hardwired Thermostat - SQ610
Salus Smart Relay SR600Salus Smart Relay SR600
Salus Smart Relay SR600
Sale priceFrom £26.70
Salus Quantum Wireless Programmable Thermostat WQ610RFSalus Quantum Wireless Programmable Thermostat WQ610RF
Salus Quantum Thermostat - SQ610-RFSalus Quantum Thermostat - SQ610-RF
Salus Universal Gateway Control UG600Salus Universal Gateway Control UG600
350W Infrared Slimline Heating Panel350W Infrared Slimline Heating Panel
350W Infrared Slimline Heating Panel
Sale priceFrom £114.08
Salus RM-16A Relay ModuleSalus RM-16A Relay Module
Salus RM-16A Relay Module
Sale price£19.57
Sold out
Salus Smart Button - SB600Salus Smart Button - SB600
Salus Smart Button - SB600
Sale price£22.25


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Classic IR Panels

Installation has never been easier, thanks to the DIY-friendly design. You can transform your living space into a haven of warmth in no time, without the need for professional help. Safety is paramount, and our panels are equipped with built-in overheat protection, giving you peace of mind as you bask in the warmth. Whether it's a cozy home or a bustling commercial property, our panels are your ideal heating solution.

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Infrared Panels are the most cost effective way to heat the interior of a restaurant, office, shop or even your industrial space. 

The energy efficiency rating is A+ so it has a very low energy consumption. This is because the heat warms up the furniture/objects and then bounces off to heat up something else within the room saving you up to 60% on your total monthly bills.

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Infrared is a perfect choice to heat your gym or studio. One of the best things about infrared panel heaters is its effectiveness in directly providing you warmth, unlike central heating systems which heats the air inside a room and the heat then rises and escapes. With this MAJOR advantage, infrared panels can save up to 60% on heating bills. 

Infrared is a great choice if you are the proud owner of a gym, Pilates or yoga studio - lack use of convection and dust circulation promotes clean breathing and healthy metabolism.


Save up to 60% on heating bills