Why Switch to Infrared Heating?

Making the switch to Infrared electric heating from gas is a big change and can be rather unsettling. It becomes even more daunting if you don't know how it works. As a nation, the UK relies on central heating but it's not the most sustainable way to heat up our spaces. Dry eyes, difficult to breathe and cold spots! Sound familiar? Thought so! Electric heating becomes a lot more of an environmentally friendly way to heat up our rooms and offices. Electric heaters that uses Infrared technology take this a step further. Convection heaters only heat up the air and then it eventually escapes making is a vicious cycle, which uses a lot more electricity and you'd have to run this for a longer period of time. KIASA Infrared heaters keep you warm by heating up our bodies directly. The heat that they give gets directly absorbed into our skin but DO NOT heat up the air. Which would mean that you won't need to keep it running for long periods of time. There are so many other benefits to switching to Infrared Heaters which is why we have made a quick guide for you :)


Convection heaters warm up your surroundings gradually whereas when you plug the heater in that is using infrared technology, the device will start to produce heat right away! Warming you and your surroundings quicker and saving precious time! You warm up quickly and effectively, with heat rays that are fast acting that eliminates the cold. 2. SAVE ON YOUR MONTHLY BILLS!

There is a simple explanation to this, and its because it runs on electricity. Due to the low wattage requirement of a Infrared Heater, it will be cheaper to run than an older convection heater It's not as effective to heat up larger areas.


When an Infrared Heater is on, there is NO airflow. If there is no air flow, that means there is no dust swirling around the air! Old heaters that rely on hot air to heat up your home or your work space, so the dust travels around your home triggering any allergies you may have! 4. AVOID LAST MINUTE COST REPAIRS!

Normal Heaters have fiddly bits and bobs that rely on each to work and to radiate heat. If one tiny object moves, the whole heating system could stop working mid-winter and cause problems that can be easily avoided. It has the added disadvantage of the cost repairs and finding someone to come on time to fix it.

A heating engineer at work

5. IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT LOOKS BUT......... Most radiators are bulky, heavy and not very pleasant to look at. With Infrared Heating, they are well out the way and out of sight. This will help you to maximise and make the most of your living space.

They just blend in so well! They can be disguised as mirrors or you can even personalise it by added a photography of a treasured memory. Are you renovating your entire home? Give us a call on 0116 488 5150 for some free bespoke advice or email us on customer.support@kiasa.co.uk.

KIASA 1200W Smart Wi-fi Infrared Heating Panel - wall mounted in office area

Transform Your Space with Infrared Heating IR Panels

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