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Are Infrared Heaters Good for Babies?

Are you decorating a new nursery? Worried about central heating costs with a new born on the way? Our babies are the centrepiece of our life. We adore them more than anything in this world and keeping them secure and snug during the winter season is always a priority. Heating a nursery is vital as heating has a vital part in keeping your new born healthy. It effects their breathing right down to their skin. Here are our top 4 reasons why infrared heaters are beneficial for babies.

#1 Keep Your Babies Secure and Snug.

Normally, everyone tends to use convective central heating systems inside their homes, that rely on carbon-based fuels. This forms an environmental hazard along with dangers on our and our babies’ health. It is extremely important for any parents to consider twice about using a heating system that uses fossil fuels or LPG as they can release toxic gases causing serious health implications. Boilers within the UK are one of the most frequent causes of carbon monoxide poisoning. This is extremely dangerous as carbon monoxide is colourless and odourless, meaning it is difficult to detect inside your homes! Many people within the UK are hospitalised from carbon monoxide poisoning and some people unfortunately are affected rather badly from this.

#2 Allergy Reduction

Furthermore, convectional central heating systems involve convection meaning they transfer air whilst functioning. So they will warm the air, which then the heat rises and resulting in cold air sinking to the bottom in a cycle which directs to the room being heated. This can cause irritants to be transferred around the room being heated. This can cause irritants to be transferred around the room during this cycle which can result in allergic reactions. Heating systems that involve convection can also pick up dust from hidden places from the movement of the air and circulate it around the room. With infrared heaters there is not air circulation involved thus it doesn’t come into contact with any irritants.

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#3 Infrared heaters are cost-effective

As you have anew-born inside your home, you will feel the necessity to keep all rooms warm. Unfortunately, sustaining a constant temperature using a convectional heating system will come at an expensive price tag. Infrared heaters are a great, finance friendly alternative. Convection heaters work by warming and circulating air inside a room which then the heated air will rise and escape a room, whereas infrared heaters work by directly heating the objects and the people inside the room. Infrared heaters work the exact way our sun does, by directly providing us radiant heat. This means by using infrared heaters you would lose less heat compared to a standard convectional heating system. As a matter of fact, infrared heaters will warm your rooms up quicker than convectional heaters.

#4 Prevents Damp inside your House

No one wants damp inside their home. Damp is one of those irritating issues that just doesn’t leave. Infrared heaters can prevent damp as they directly heat a room’s wall sand absorbs this warmth. This then dries out a room’s walls from the inside and stops any moisture from sinking into the walls, eliminating the localised damp. Leaving damp untreated can lead to excess moisture being turned into mould and spreading across your walls. This can also cause health complications for you and your children. With infrared heating, our customers can say a permanent goodbye to damp and protect their babies! #5 Great for their Sensitive Skin Do you ever find after switching the heater on, your skin, eyes or lips have become dryer? This is simply because the air that is circulating from the heater is actually drying it out. Why not completely cut that issue out by using an Infrared Heater and prevent that from happening. Infrared Heaters use no air flow but use gentle light rays to heat up a room without drying out sensitive skin, eyes and lips. Make switch today! Do you have questions for us? Give us a call on 0116 488 5150 or email us on customer.support@kiasa.co.uk for some bespoke advice. Promise we won't disappoint!

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