Are you trying to heat up a garage or a conservatory?

Are you trying to heat up a garage or a conservatory?

Garages and conservatories are usually a cold, drafty and uncomfortable place to be in during the colder months. Since work and hobbies must go on, it often means spending these cold days in your garages or conservatories. So how do you still keep warm? It can be difficult sometimes to find a perfect heating solution for your garages, conservatories or even for new room extensions. Kiasa can help with this, as we offer a perfect solution for indoor heating with our infrared Ilios bar.

kiasa infrared heating bar
Why is the Ilios bar perfect for larger spaces? Our Ilios bar heaters are perfect for heating spaces that are used frequently such as: conservatories, family rooms, open living spaces and garage conversions etc. Our Ilios heater comes with a built-in thermostat which you are able to control and set the temperature all from the comfort of your sofa using our Ilios bar’s wireless remote control. Read on for our expert review as to why you should consider getting infrared heating for your garage, conservatory or even your living area.

infrared heating for garage
Indoor infrared heating is a great alternative to the typical convectional heating system. Not only is infrared heating eco-friendly and helps keep our planet safe, it is also very efficient compared to traditional heating and can help save you money! The total lifetime cost of using infrared heating is significantly lower compared to the traditional convection heating system. A major reason as to why infrared heating is able to save you money is because convectional heating systems involve a lot of heat loss. Convectional heating systems rely usually on a boiler to heat water and then it is pumped through a heating circuit, allowing heat from the boiled water to be lost. With our indoor infrared heating you won’t have to face this issue. In addition to this, infrared heaters work efficiently by directly heating objects and people inside the room through far infrared wavelengths. Whereas convectional heaters heat the air inside the room, in which the heat then rises and escapes. This results in many of us having to keep our radiators turned on for longer, which is something none of us want, especially with rising gas prices! This is a great advantage from using our infrared Ilios bar, as it will directly heat you meaning you won’t need to keep the bar turned on for a long time. With our Ilios bar you are able to immediately feel the heat coming off it! Furthermore, infrared heaters have an extremely low maintenance cost. This is because infrared heaters are long-lasting as they are more durable and reliable than convection heaters. Whereas convection heaters rely on boilers, and boilers are anticipated to degrade quickly. This is why it is quite common to find boilers that are 5 years older to only be working at 85% efficiency, which will decrease more over the years. On top of that the maintenance costs for boilers are quite expensive to cover, for example, if your boiler breakdowns and needs to be fixed or replaced by a gas engineer.

kiasa infrared heater bar
The Ilios bar is available to in two different ranges. The DW range includes a digital screen, a built in thermostat, a remote control and now comes with WIFI. The J range has a simple plug and play function. Multiple heaters of the J range can be linked up together to heat up an even larger area. Click here to find out more :) Or you can call us for a free consultation on 0116 488 5150, or email us on


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