Keeping your Furry Little Friends Warm - Infrared Heaters for Pets

Keeping your Furry Little Friends Warm - Infrared Heaters for Pets

Infrared heaters are a great way to keep your pets warm and snug during the winter seasons and offering many benefits to your 4-legged companions! Make sure to read on and find out the amazing advantages of using infrared heaters for your pets!!

infrared heating panel for pets
Pets can play an essential role in our life by providing us companionship and that is something we hold quite close to our hearts. So, providing them warmth and keeping them snug during the winter seasons is crucial. Our KIASA Ilios bars and infrared panels are perfect for indoor spaces for your adorable pets to stay warm. Our KIASA infrared heaters work very efficiently in indoor spaces such as living rooms, kitchens, kennels, and catteries. With infrared heaters you will be able to save up to 60% off your bills. Infrared heaters are an ideal solution for protecting animals. The reason for this is because infrared heaters operate by transforming electricity into radiant heat. The heating element produces infrared waves that bounce of objects, people, and pets inside a room. Infrared heaters will warm your pets directly from infrared wavelengths rather than heating the air. This is exceptional way to keep pets’ snug, as the heater will be directly warming them as they move around. Infrared can help keep animals at the correct temperature even in the coldest of conditions, maintaining good animal health and lowering mortality rates in the young.

Typical conventional radiators will heat the air, which then the heat rises and escapes. With our KIASA infrared panels and Ilios bar will help save you money on your bills as you won’t have to keep the heating on for a long period, once you and your pets are warmed up and toasty you can just turn off the heaters. Our infrared heaters come with a wireless remote and built-in thermostat which will allow you to select a specific temperature, and how many days for how many hours would you like your heaters to be turned on for.

Furthermore, some of the key advantages of infrared heaters for your pets are, is that it can assist elasticity by increasing the blood circulation, this triggers the supply of oxygen and removal of waste products. Another advantage is it can aid the muscle condition your pet. This is because infrared heat alleviates and lessens tightness and muscle pain. This will help keep your pet relaxed which is crucial during the bitter winter seasons. This will also vastly increase their mobility and improve their performance. A FUN FACT about infrared heat is that majority of horse owners use infrared heat therapy (IHT). This will give the horses a vitamin D enhancement and give them a shiny coat by increasing their oxygen supply and easing any muscle cramps they have.

infrared heating for pets
Our infrared panels and Ilios bars have over 7 years lifespan and can be easily replaced. Our heaters are very easy to clean and maintain as they don’t collect any dust. This is also perfect for pets and owners who have dust allergies. Especially for dogs and cat as they can be hypersensitive to dust. Our infrared heaters also have a low maintenance cost and require no servicing. So what are you waiting for? Shop now!

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