How Cost-Effective Is Infrared Heating?

How Cost-Effective Is Infrared Heating?

And what size heater would you need?
Switching to infrared heating from the typical radiators that use boilers can be scary, as many individuals can struggle to understand the concept of infrared heat or don’t know much about it. Because of this issue, they do not fathom how much money they can save on their heating bills in the long run! Here at Kiasa we, want to make sure our customers understand the major benefits infrared heating can have on your bank account!

Infrared heaters are an eco-friendly and low-carbon way to heat your home. Switching to IR heaters full time will free you from the unreliability of traditional heating systems help you become environmentally friendly to a completely renewable heating system. Our products can help our Earth become a healthier place to live and meet the current government pledges of zero emissions by 2050.

Level of Insulation Watts Per m3

level of insulation for heating
Below, we have created a table to help you understand how much energy would be required to heat your house. To work out how much wattage is needed, you first work out the volume of the room and multiply this by how many wattages per m3 are required, depending on the level of insulation inside your home.

In the table below, we have assumed that the rooms have moderate insulation, thus will need 25 Watts per square meter. Height x Length x Width = Volume Volume x 25 Watts = Total wattage you will need to heat your room.

heating requirements for rooms
Kitchen The total wattage of the heater you will need for the kitchen 1150W. The most ideal heater would be the 1200W panel heater. Install this heater on the wall or the ceiling for maximum effect and INSTANT heat.

Living Room The living room tends to be larger spaces and where we spend most of the time when we are in our homes. A larger heater with a larger wattage will give you instant heat and warm up your space quickly without compromising on health benefits. There is no airflow, so therefore no dust! Perfect for people with dust allergies.

kiasa infrared heating bar for living room

The smallest room in the house, but a place where you require instant heat. Our Smart Infrared Panels start to warm instantly. Requiring only 600 wattages, you are instantly saving money! They come with an IP65 rating so there is no ingress of dust or water. Comes with App control and a 7-day timer. Install them directly on the wall or ceiling to keep them out of the way.

kiasa infrared heating panel

The best suitable heater would be the 1800W Smart Wi-Fi Infrared Heater. You can use the Tuya App to wake up to nice and toasty rooms. The optimum place for this heater would be high up on the wall and tilted down towards you using the fully adjustable brackets.

How Much Money Can You Save On Your Heating Bills?

Infrared heaters can help save you up to 60% on your heating bills. This is because infrared heaters use infrared technology to directly warm individuals and objects inside a room through IR rays. These IR rays bounce off objects and people, providing instant warmth. Whereas traditional heaters such as radiators use convection to heat the air inside a room which then the heated air rises and escapes a room. This results in having to keep the heating inside your homes on for longer. With infrared heaters, there are no heat loss issues as they can provide focused heating. Infrared heaters overall are a great finance-friendly alternative, especially after the pandemic as the government is planning on increasing energy cap prices up to 50%!!!

No Maintenance & Servicing Costs

Infrared heaters have little to no maintenance costs and zero servicing costs. This is because infrared heaters are long-lasting as they are more durable and reliable than convection heaters. Whilst convection heaters rely on boilers, boilers are anticipated to degrade quickly. This is why it is quite common to find boilers that are 5 years older to only be working at 85% efficiency, which will gradually decrease more over the years. On top of this, the maintenance costs of replacing a boiler or fixing it by a gas engineer during a breakdown can be quite expensive to cover. The costs of replacing a boiler on average can be between £500-£2,500, and repairing a boiler can cost £150 for a minor repair up to £400 for more serious faults. This can cause a hefty strain on some of our bank accounts.

Having Full Control Of Heaters At All Times

At Kiasa our infrared heaters come with a built-in thermostat and wireless remote control, allowing our customers to set individual target temperatures for each heater inside different rooms. As well as having a wireless remote control, we also give the option of downloading a ‘smart life app’, which will allow our customers to have control of their infrared heaters 24/7. A major benefit of our wireless remote controls is that you can plan your heating by selecting which days of the week and at what times of the day would you like your heating on for, and what temperature do you want the room to be.

KIASA 1200W Smart Wi-fi Infrared Heating Panel - wall mounted in office area

Transform Your Space with Infrared Heating IR Panels

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