How does Infrared Heating Work?

How does Infrared Heating Work?

To get straight to the point, infrared rays from the panel or heater bar reach across the room, keeping us as well as the surfaces they touch warm, creating a warmed thermal mass. This heating system of infrared heaters works the same way as the sun does, using infrared light (just without the harmful sun rays). There is no air movement so there is no chance of heat loss via windows or doors. The heat radiates everywhere reducing cold spots.

Which Heater will I need for my room?

It is very important to get the right size heater for your room or working space. The reason for this is simply because getting a smaller-sized heater for a large room will be underwhelming or simply just not enough. Calculating which heater you will need for your room can be overwhelming but let us help and simplify it. To work out how much wattage is needed, you first work out the volume of the room by multiplying, the width, length, and height of the room. Then multiply the volume by how many wattages per m3 is required, depending on the level of insulation inside your home.

Level of insulation Watts Per meter cubed Well insulated home 30W Moderate insulation 35W Poor insulation home 40W For example, a moderate insulated room that is 3.5m x 2.5m x 2.2m = 19.25. Then multiply 19.25 by 35W which would equal 673.75. The 720W Infrared Panel Heating Panel would be perfect for a space this size.

Infrared Heater Vs Convection Heaters Convection heaters create a convection current. This means that warm air produced by the heater will rise, exposed to the environment, it will become cold and travel back down to go through the convection heater again. This will consistently move in a circular motion wasting energy

Infrared Heating opposes convection heaters by radiating heat around the room without any air movement and heats humans and objects directly making it more energy sufficient and safer.

Infrared Heater Convection Heater

Why should you switch to Infrared Heating?

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