Why Infrared Heaters are Perfect for Yoga Studios

Why Infrared Heaters are Perfect for Yoga Studios

Infrared Heaters are a great cost-effective alternative to conventional heaters and can help keep your bank account safe, especially with soaring gas prices. However, many other major benefits of having an infrared heater are often overlooked. In this blog, I will be discussing the key advantages of using infrared panels to heat your Yoga Studios.


1. Direct & Instant Warmth

Infrared heaters provide a practical solution to heating your Yoga studios. Infrared heaters work by transforming electricity into radiant heat. The heat that infrared heating panels give out is the same heat and warmth the sun gives us. Infrared heaters use IR rays that bounce off objects, walls, and people inside a room, during this process the heaters directly heat the individuals. Infrared heaters do not use any convection, meaning that there is no airflow nor does the heater heat the air, so no heat will rise and escape, saving you money on energy costs in the long run! Another benefit of infrared heating is that is efficient and will provide focused heating; so the infrared heaters will only aim to heat the areas of the studio where individuals are present. Our Infrared heaters also deliver instant heat, unlike convection radiators that heat your surroundings gradually, which we know can be a difficult task in the winter months. With an infrared heating system, heat generated right away will warm you and your surroundings quicker!

2.  Improves Blood Circulation

Infrared heat can dilate your capillaries, which can vastly improve your blood circulation. This means the blood supply to your muscles will increase when exposed to infrared heat. The enhanced circulation helps to improve muscle pain and wounds.

3. Immune System Boost

There are other health benefits to using infrared heating. As infrared heaters produce warm wavelengths that your bodies naturally absorb, this additional heat helps your capillaries expand naturally. This increases the oxygenation and regeneration of red blood cells. This is very important for detoxifying your major organs. White blood cells are amplified as well by using infrared heating, which helps boost your immune system.

4. Reduces Allergy

Typical conventional heating systems use convection to transfer heat around a room. During this process, it can cause old dust particles and irritants that have been collected by radiators to be transferred around the studio. This can then trigger individuals’ dust allergies. Heating systems that involve convection can also prick up dust from hidden places as well, as from the movement of the air. With infrared heaters there is zero air circulation, thus no one will come into contact with any irritants.

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