Reduce your Pub Heating Bills Today!

Reduce your Pub Heating Bills Today!

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Why are more and more pubs switching to more sustainable form of heating? With everywhere opening up soon (again), more and more people will want to spend more time outside. Especially if you're a proud owner of a Pub or a Bar with a beer garden! Everyone loves a good beer garden!

infrared heating for pubs
At some point during a customers visit to your venue, they might to step outside for a bit, or just simply want to sit outside for the full duration of the time that they are there! The heating that could be provided can be of poor quality and ineffective.

But at some point, you have to think, how can you heat an outdoor area safely, while also keeping the C02 gasses low! After all, you want to do your part in saving the environment.


The reason why more Pub/Bar owners are switching to HALOGEN is because of their many benefits, which makes them an attractive choice for outdoor heating. Seeing that it's made of aluminium, its solid and safe! Its easy to use and control. You always have the option of using a timer switch so rather then just keeping them constantly on, so the customer decides how long they want to keep it on for. Because they are considered as outdoor heating, they will already come with with a higher IP rating! Which makes it suitable for keeping it outdoors for long periods of time with little to no affect on the heater itself. The lamp and heating element element need to be high quality to withstand the high temperatures and they already come with a high operating life.

pub infrared heating

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