Never heard of Lot 20? No, you’re not alone. The following page will explain LOT 20 to you and how it effects us all now and in the future.
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If you’re looking for an electric heater, you will come across these words often. Lot 20 is legislation created that helps separate the efficient and inefficient heaters on the market. In the long term, this should help homes in the UK to heat up their houses and general work spaces for less since it will consume less energy saving you on your bills.

​This will also help the UK Government reach their plans on reducing at least 68% of emissions and green house gasses by the year 2030.

​You can find out more about the UK Governments future plans on this here.

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Infrared Heaters and Halogen Heaters are classed as electrical heaters, and any heaters above 250W must have an efficiency rating of 30%. The efficiency rating is completely dependent on how many energy saving features there are. This is just the minimum requirement for heaters need to have for them to be sold within the UK.

​If a product doesn’t have any of these features, it will not be Lot 20 compliant and will not be allowed to sell within the UK. This also means that suppliers who produce the cheaper and low quality products will cease to exist and will have to think about more sustainable, efficient ways to improve their products.

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While manufactures and suppliers are trying their hardest to make these rather drastic changes while keeping them subtle, you probably won’t notice them. And that is exactly how it should be. The idea of this is to give you the best heating possible while have less impact on the environment and your bank too.

​Technology such as digital programmers and open window detection will help us reach the goals of a healthier and more eco friendly environment. Accurate thermostat readings to help maintain a constant temperature and almost no are required to maintain these heaters.

Old radiators require upkeep and regular check to make sure that they are running ok which can become very costly. The main things it will affect are as follows: Storage Heaters, Portable Heaters, Radiant Heaters plus many more.

They are popular with landlords as it easily upgrades older heating systems, and keeps in accordance with the MEES standards.