Do you really need to heat an entire house just to heat a single room?

Many people struggle to find a solution to reduce the costs of their heating bills and still stay heated at the same, especially as energy bills soar across households in Britain. Infrared heaters offer you the option to heat rooms inside your house individually, rather than heating your whole house which is unsustainable and not cost-effective at all. For example, if you are spending most of your day in a home office instead of heating your whole house with central heating and wasting energy, you could just use an infrared heater to keep you warm in your office space. 

Kiasa Infrared Heater Convection

Cost comparison:

Depending on your tariff, the cost per Kw can vary from anywhere from 25p to 35p. However, due to the energy cap, the average cost of using 1KW per hour is 30p. An average radiator uses at least 2KW of energy, which costs a minimum of 60p to run per hour. Whereas with infrared heaters you can purchase a personal heater with a specific wattage that suits you best, ranging from 180W – 600W.

Running Time

2KW Radiator



1 hour




5 hours




1 Week for 5 hours a day





Why do Infrared heaters make great personal heaters?

Infrared delivers a deep and relaxing warmth that replicates the natural heat you feel daily from the sun, only without the damaging rays of ultraviolet. The radiant warmth travels in a wave to heat you and any surrounding objects directly, instead of simply heating the air.

Infrared heaters make great effective personal heaters as they provide instant targeted heat. They have a short heat-up time, they begin to provide heat within minutes of being turned on which helps conserve energy. The infrared rays produced by the heater flow through the air and directly heat individuals. Find out more here.


What are the benefits of Heating my home office with an Infrared Heater?

  1. Heat your office within minutes

Infrared heaters warm up quickly, providing you with instant heat for your home office within a few minutes. The heat produced by infrared heaters reaches temperatures rapidly, reducing warm-up periods and conserving energy. Whereas traditional central heating would take around 30 minutes to heat your office space.


  1. Save energy

Instead of heating your whole house with central heating, you’ll be using a much smaller amount of energy with an infrared heater to heat only your office space. This can help save you money on your heating bills. Click here to find out how cost-effective Infrared Heating is. 


  1. Control your office temperature independently

A key benefit of infrared heaters is that they can be controlled independently from other heating systems, or other infrared heaters as well. With our smart+ range infrared panels, you’ll be able to set your own target temperatures for your office to reach. You’ll also be able to create your own personal weekly heating schedules that are compatible with your working hours. 



  1. Target Heating

Infrared rays produced by infrared heaters flow through the air and directly heat individuals or objects that come into touch with it, providing an even, radiant warmth (similar to the sun), but at a lower air temperature, which is great for focused heating.    

  1. Portable & Freestanding 
Our Kiasa infrared heating panels can easily change location, as they are straightforward to mount. We recommend using 180W, 350W or 600W panels (depending on room size) if you are looking for a moveable heater. These infrared panels are also compatible and lightweight with our Kiasa Panel Feet, so you have the option of having it freestanding as well.


  1. No expensive plumbing needed

Installing a new radiator that relies on a boiler inside your home can be costly and can require a lot of work. New pipes would have to be installed, and it could involve the original pipework being rerouted and connected. This can lead to floorboards within your home being pulled up, generating a mess and costing you more money.