At Kiasa, we are frequently asked why our customers should choose far Infrared heating over more traditional central heating systems. There are many reasons for this, and we would like to present a few reasons below.

We are passionate about home heating, and we know our infrared panels and patio heating are perfect for office and home heating, or keeping your kitchens, bathrooms, and gardens warm.

A lot of you may currently keep your homes warm during the winter months by relying on older central heating systems. The benefits of switching to electrical heating over gas systems are not just limited to health benefits - the ease of use and ease of cleaning your far infrared panels make it simpler and less time consuming to maintain - electrical heaters do not have the ability to leak, unlike older gas heating systems.

History of storage vs infrared

The downside of the more common storage heaters, is their need to recharge overnight. The usage of heat while people are asleep is less needed, and so in the middle of the last century when these heaters were introduced, they were designed to emit heat during the day, and recharge overnight.

 With infrared heaters, they hold a lot more heat. This used to be a problem in the last century, as the product would overheat and become dangerously hot. However in the last few decades, research has proved invaluable, and far infrared heaters now are not dangerous to keep in residential homes, and are a far better choice due to human bodies being far more accepting to natural infrared heat than the traditional storage heating. Infrared radiant heat is the closest thing to feeling the sun - which is why infrared heating is a more pleasant experience than storage heat. And since the safety of far infrared heating has been perfected since the early 2000s, it is a far better and healthier choice than our current central heating systems.

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Right for your Décor

The other major benefit to choosing infrared panel heaters over the traditional storage heater option, is the aesthetic. Storage heaters have a central unit made of ceramic or brick, and therefore are large, space consuming and bulky.

 Infrared heaters are thin panels, that not only take up minimal space in your home, but can even add to your home décor depending on where you place them. You can even purchase Kiasa mirrored panels, which can replace your current bathroom or living mirrors, and you can claim back the space your storage heaters were taking up. (These mirrored panels also won’t steam up, thanks to them providing heat!).

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