Infrared heaters can be utilized as a focused heating solution for
certain areas, or as a whole-house heating system. Infrared radiant heat is a consistent heat that directly warms objects and individuals instead of the surrounding air to help create a healthy environment. The infrared rays flow through the air and heat individuals or objects that come into touch with it, providing an even, radiant warmth (similar to the sun), but at a lower air temperature, which is perfect for focused heating.

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Instant Heat

Infrared heaters warm up quickly, providing you with heat instantly within just a few minutes. The radiant heat produced by infrared heaters reaches temperatures rapidly, reducing warm-up periods and conserving energy. Whereas traditional boiler heaters take around 30 minutes just to heat up.


Infrared heaters produce IR rays that bounce off walls, objects, and individuals, directly heating people and forming a thermal mass in the process. Whereas traditional boiler radiators heat the air inside a room, in which the air then rises and escapes which means you have to keep the heating inside your home on for longer. With infrared heaters, there are no heat loss issues as they only warm targeted areas and produce heat within a few
minutes so you do not waste energy heating an entire house.

Health Benefits

-Infrared heat can dilate your capillaries, which can vastly improve your blood circulation. Meaning the blood supply to your muscles will increase when exposed to infrared heat. The enhanced circulation helps to improve muscle pain and wounds.

- Increases the oxygenation and regeneration of red blood cells. This is very important for detoxifying your major organs. White blood cells are increased as well by using infrared heating, which helps boost your immune system.

Creates Healthy Environment

-Prevents damp and mould within homes. Radiation heat produced from Infrared Heaters penetrates through walls which warms the walls up and absorbs the heat. This prevents moisture from settling in.

-Dust allergy-friendly - Infrared Heaters do not collect dust, unlike central heating systems. Central heating systems use convection to transfer heat around the room, during this process dust particles that are collected by radiators also transfer around the room.