Oh so BRIGHT.......

Oh so BRIGHT.......

What is LED lighting? How does LED lighting work? How do Halogen heaters work? So many questions... enough to confuse anyone. What is LED lighting? How does LED lighting work? Why do we only use LED in our products? Here at Kiasa, we have broken down everything for you!

In short, LED lighting is so much more brighter than other form of lighting. As they age, LED performs extremly well and is fully capable of emitting high levels of intense brightness.

Other forms of lightening such as incandescent and fluorescent lighting given in and start to fade out over time.

LED lighting gives out light instantly with 0 waiting time! Older bulbs need time to warm up and brighten after some time.

infrared heating light
The biggest reason why people chose LED lighting is simply because of the amount of energy they save while getting TOP NOTCH QUALITY. Saving you money on your monthly bills is a dominant feature on any product that uses LED lighting.

It uses a low amount of wattage and produces bare minimum heat unlike regular bulbs. Because of this, it makes them safer to operate. Normal incandescent bulbs need to kept away and out of reach from children to avoid and prevent burns.

Our products that uses LED features are 100% safe and don't not produce heat from the lights when in use.

kiasa infrared heating technology
When LED lights are manufactured, they are made using plastic components and elements. It is because of this that they have a very high heat resistance.

This is one of the reasons it makes them long lasting and hard wearing. Products that use bulbs within their products, use only a thin layer of glass to encase the filament and the rest of the elements. This causes them to break easily, even under small amounts of pressure or even a slight increase in temperature. LED bulbs simply have a longer life span that can last up to 50,000 hours.

High durability - so that you can rely on the fact that the lights and brightness will not let you down.

They will operate as normal under a colder atmosphere as well as warmer atmospheres. The will resist any effects from strong vibrations as they don't have any smaller fiddly bits within the lights.

Ilios Far Infrared Heating Bar

The LED Display

When you chose the remote control option, you get an illuminated screen to tell you what exactly you are on. With enhanced image quality, you'll be able to control it from a distance giving you freedom of movement.

smart infrared heaters
Blade Patio Heating Bar

LED and Touch Screen?

Comes with four power settings and a 24 hour timer. A digital LED screen to help you keep track of the temperature within the room.

smart infrared heating bar
KIASA 1200W Smart Wi-fi Infrared Heating Panel - wall mounted in office area

Transform Your Space with Infrared Heating IR Panels

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