Why do we use Halogen in our outdoor range?

Why do we use Halogen in our outdoor range?

Why do we use Halogen in our outdoor range?

The halogens are a group of elements within the periodic table that consists of fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine.

Chlorine is the most popular of the halogen elements. The element is freely used as a water-purification chemical (think swimming pools), and it is relied upon in a lot of chemical processes. Fluorine or Fluoride we use in our toothpaste to clean our teeth. Iodine is commonly used as a antiseptic and bromine is used in flame retardants and general pesticides.


Halogen heaters use the halogen elements within their heating lamps or bulbs.

Halogen gases are used to increase the brightness of the bulbs and to ensure that the longevity of the product is longer.

Regular light bulbs also use tungsten to give out light but over time, it leaves residue at the bottom of the bulb making it darker. The halogen prevents the bulbs surrounding the tungsten filament from darkening which makes the halogen heaters safer to operate at very high temperatures.

Element heating
​Even though halogen is used in the bulbs and tubes of the of the heater and is in fact essential, its not the source of the heat. It gives out a radiant glow of light warming up the area efficiently and quickly. The heat that released is extremly similar to the heat that is given from the sun.

Periodic Table
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