Halogen Element Explained

The halogens are a group of elements within the periodic table that consists of fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine. 

Halogen heaters use the halogen elements within their heating lamps or bulbs. 

Halogen gases are used to increase the brightness of the bulbs and to ensure that the longevity of
the product is longer. 

Regular light bulbs also use tungsten to give out light but over time, it leaves residue at the bottom of the bulb making it darker. The halogen prevents the bulbs surrounding the tungsten filament from darkening which makes the halogen heaters safer to operate at very high temperatures.

Even though halogen is used in the bulbs and tubes of the of the heater and is in fact essential, it's not the source of the heat. It gives out a radiant glow of light warming up the area efficiently and quickly. Our HALO range will help you keep the party going, particularly during cold winter nights.


The Advantages Explained

Energy Saving

Halogen Heaters provide instant radiant heat which helps reduce the energy consumption by the heater. 

Eco Friendly

Halogen heaters don’t release any carbon dioxide or any other harmful gases. 

Safety First

The Halogen tubes that are used do not heat up which protects you and your family from any types of burn. 

Health Benefits

One of the health benefits being, it improves air quality inside your homes as IR heaters does not affect the humidity inside the room thus no dry air is formed.

An amazing benefit is they are able to prevent damp and mould. This is because the radiation heat produced from the heaters penetrates through walls which warms the walls up and absorbs the heat. This prevents moisture from settling in. 

Dust Allergy Friendly 

Infrared heaters do not collect dust unlike central heating systems. Central heating systems use convection to transfer heat around the room, during this process dust particles that is collected by radiators also transfer around the room as well.

Easy Installation 

Depending on the heater, mounting kits will be provided with easy to follow instructions. 

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