3 Tips for your Infrared heated home

3 Tips for your Infrared heated home

At Kiasa, we aim to keep you in the loop with everything we know about infrared, designing around a panel heater, and keeping your home stylish and warm through the year. Here are some top tips to using your brand new Kiasa product.

1. It’s an addition! Our infrared panels are designed with the highest quality, the best materials, and with your décor and style tastes in mind. This is why our infrared panels, Halo patio heaters, and our useful accessories are all designed to be an addition to your home or business, and to add to your already beautiful interior design. With this in mind, choose a product that is right for you! Heating is no longer simply an eyesore that will negatively affect your space - it is beautiful, seamless, and sleek. With frameless options, you can blend it in perfectly with your walls, and use the space around to create symmetrical designs, or attach to your ceilings to let our infrared panels blend into the background and take up almost zero space in your home. If you are looking for an addition to your bathroom, your options are even more perfect for your needs. Choose a Kiasa mirrored infrared panel and not only will this fulfil your heating needs, but it will replace your existing mirror, therefore taking up no extra space in your life. Not only this, but your mirrored panel will never steam up. From the heat it generates, no steam will attach to the glass, and will mean you can use your mirror immediately after bathing. No more waiting for the steam to disappear! For more inspiration and tips on how to decorate around your infrared panel heater, Ilios heater or Halo patio range, please click here to visit our design guides.

2. Infrared can help with most technologies and electricals, at some point in the future you may encounter problems that you did not foresee. Here we will look at some possible issues you may face with conventional heating systems, and the way infrared heating can help. At some point, some of you may have experienced damp and mould. This is not only ugly and unwelcoming, but can also be damaging to your health. Damp can also make decorating and selling your home much more difficult, and can be a huge hassle in the future. Infrared can help! Not only can infrared prevent damp and mould in your home, but if your home is already starting to feel the effects of this problem, infrared panels and heating can dry out the effects of damp and mould, reversing the damage and improving your health and home. Because infrared heats objects, and not the air - due to radiant heat, and not circulation - the warmth from the infrared panels warms walls, too. This means the walls will hold heat, drying and warming walls to prevent and reverse the reasons and effects of mould and damp. Please keep in mind that if the damp or mould is due to a more serious underlining reason, it is always best to consult an expert when it comes to more serious problems. Do you experience issues with pipework or central heating issues? Infrared heating can help with this, too. Due to the lack of piping or the need for a central heating system, if you are looking for a complete remodel of your household heating, infrared panels and patio heating will mean there will be no more maintenance costs or time used on fixing leaks, pipe bursts, or central heating issues. This also means if you are looking to replace panels, or choose a new version of an infrared panel, it is easy to uninstall and reinstall the new version. Simply plug and play!

3. Kiasa is always here to help Finally, when it comes to using any of our heating ranges, accessories or services, remember - Kiasa is always on hand to help. We pride ourselves on keeping our customers happy, long after they have purchased. We know your new infrared or halogen heater is years of enjoyment, and with that comes our responsibility to answer your questions, whenever they may occur. This is why we are always on hand to answer questions, give advice, and keep your heater working for years to come. If you would like to get in touch please ring 0116 488 5150 or contact us via our form by clicking here and one of our team members will get back to you.

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