720W Custom Image Infrared Heating Panel - 120 x 60cm
720W Custom Image Infrared Heating Panel - 120 x 60cm
720W Custom Image Infrared Heating Panel - 120 x 60cm
720W Custom Image Infrared Heating Panel - 120 x 60cm
720W Custom Image Infrared Heating Panel - 120 x 60cm
720W Custom Image Infrared Heating Panel - 120 x 60cm

720W Custom Image Infrared Heating Panel - 120 x 60cm

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Product Features

  • Natural IR Heat

    Clean Heat

  • Energy Efficient

    Energy Efficient

  • Low Maintenance

    Save More

  • Simple Plug and Play


  • DIY Installation

    DIY Installation

  • No Heat Wastage

    Gentle Warmth

The 720w custom image infrared heating panel offers both functionality and aesthetic appeal, doubling as a work of art. With compatibility for external controls and thermostats, these panels, measuring 120cm by 60cm, seamlessly integrate into various settings. Ideal for comprehensive home renovations and projects, they serve as versatile heating solutions, either as primary sources or secondary backups. Their discreet design allows for inconspicuous installation in commercial establishments. Suited for small to medium-sized spaces such as bedrooms, dining areas, and compact offices, whether employed individually or as part of a larger system managed by a single controller.

Product Features:

  • Instant Infrared Heat - Carbon Crystal Element
  • DIY Installation
  • IP65 Rated 
  • Heating Area - 8 to 15m²
  • Wall or Ceiling Mounted
  • Built-in Overheat Protection
  • Ideal for Utility Rooms, Box Rooms, Office Rooms
  • No Light and No Sound 

Installation Options:

  • Wall Mounted (Kit Included)
  • Ceiling Mounted (Kit Included)
  • Ceiling Suspension (Additional Purchase of Suspension Kit)

How to Order
After the other has been placed, send the image to customer.support@kiasa.co.uk. Please include your name, postcode and order number as well. Before sending the images, please ensure that the image is of high quality. If you are unsure, do not worry - the design team will be able to support you with this.

The next step would be approval from you after we send you proof of how your panel will look. From this point, it usually takes 2-3 weeks for the panel to be printed and made by our experienced team.

If you wish to include multiple images in one panel, this is a service we offer free of charge as well - However, we cannot create any collage proof until the payment of the panel has been made.

We offer a 3-year warranty to give you peace of mind. The warranty details are included in the manual.

Please note, that this order is fully customised for each customer, so therefore once approved and sent to the printers, we cannot accept any returns or exchanges on this heater.

How does it work?
Infrared Heat heats the objects and people around you as opposed to conventional heaters which just heat up the air. The surface of the panel can reach as high as 110˚C but they can be mounted up high on a wall or if you want, on a ceiling too. You can find out more about infrared here.

The Design
Kiasa gives you an innovative and energy-saving solution to keep your homes and work spaces comfortably warm for less with a contemporary finish, design and cutting-edge technology. 
It is specifically been designed to blend into your home

There are multiple ways to install our panels. They fit directly flush on the wall and the ceiling (brackets are included at the back of the panel), and no additional purchase is needed. If you have a higher than the average ceiling (2.3m - 2.4m), you can use the unit with our suspension kit to bring the panel closer down to you.