2400W Infrared Heater Bar - Classic On-Off
2400W Infrared Heater Bar - Classic On-Off
2400W Infrared Heater Bar - Classic On-Off
2400W Infrared Heater Bar - Classic On-Off
2400W Infrared Heater Bar - Classic On-Off
2400W Infrared Heater Bar - Classic On-Off

2400W Infrared Heater Bar - Classic On-Off

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Product Features

  • Natural IR Heat

    Clean Heat

  • Energy Efficient

    Energy Efficient

  • Low Maintenance

    Save More

  • Simple Plug and Play


  • DIY Installation

    DIY Installation

  • No Heat Wastage

    Gentle Warmth

Add a little power with this high-end. sleek and modern Infrared heating bar. Efficient and eco-friendly, it’s perfect for domestic or industrial use, whether it's a conservatory, office, garden shed or garage conversion.

The heater can be operated via a simple on-and-off rocker switch (provided on the heater) and it's ideal for large spaces or buildings with a high heat loss i.e. retail shops, warehouses, garages, public buildings or outer houses.

As our Classic Range is designed without any built-in controls, this heater is perfect for grouping and integrating into an external control system of your choice based on your project requirements. You can add a wall-mounted thermostat controller, a timer switch, or a full WIFI-controlled system to suit your desired requirements (see our full control range or call us on 0116 488 5150 to discuss possible options).

It's made of pure aluminium making it extremely durable with an amazing IP44 Rating. It is 100% natural, safe and beneficial to the fabric of our buildings.



Installation is incredibly easy. If you're a DIY enthusiast, there is no need to hire an electrician. It’s just plug and go!

Wall or Ceiling mount is perfectly okay for this product. If wall mounted we recommend an ideal height of 2.1m to 2.6m (from the floor) depending on your ceiling dimensions. It is best to leave 15cm - 20cm of breathing space around the heater to avoid ghost stains on your ceiling/ walls. Also, available to install with a suspension mounting kit.

Using the butterfly screws provided, you can adjust the angle of the heater. This will allow you to directly the heat to suit your space. All the required fixing is supplied in the box, however, you may require suitable screws and wall plugs if the ones that are provided is not suitable for your application. There are 4 brackets, 2 of which have to be mounted on the wall while the other two need to slide in at the back of the heating bar itself. For full details please require manual or call our helpline on 0116 488 5150.

The heater is supplied with a 3-pin UK plug, however, it can be hard-wired into a spur by a suitably qualified electrician.

Low Maintenance

Infrared heaters have little to no maintenance costs and zero servicing costs as they are super durable and long-lasting, thanks to the newer design and pure aluminium-built quality.

These Heater Bars are easy to clean (we advise using a damp microfiber cloth) whilst the heater is turned off since surface temperatures can reach up to 200°C - 300°C when in use. 

We offer a 3-year warranty on one-time single purchases for your peace of mind. For any mid to large projects, we offer an extended warranty of up to 7 years.