The Right Rating!

The Right Rating!

What is an IP Rating you ask? How does it affect every single electronic products? What is the safest outdoor heater? What IP Rating doing I need for my bathroom?

Look no further!!! We have answered these questions for you! Because we're nice like that! The first question we get asked a lot is a simple on. What is an IP Rating? An IP rating or also known as the Ingress Protection rating, is a system made by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to help explain and simplify the levels of protection for electrical enclosures against the elements around us from the elements outside (such as water and dust).

what is ip rating
The First Digit!
Depending on how the number increases or decreases, the first digit of the rating tells you how it will be protected from physical objects such as screw drivers or rocks.

The maximum value is 6, which means that there's no ingress of dust.

The Second Digit!
The second number tells you the level of water resistance the electrical appliance has. This varies from water condensation, drip, water jets and total immersion.

The maximum value is 9, which means that its protected against close range, powerful and high temperature water jets.

Example 1
This is an example of one of the outdoor heaters that Kiasa sells! This is the powerful 2000W Gold heater that uses a halogen bulb. You can find the link here. It is designed and built so it can last against high temperatures.

ip rating for heaters
Example 2
The second example comes from our Ilios Bars. This is one of our heavy duty indoor heaters that is guaranteed to keep you warm. Made with top grade aluminium and comes with an option of having a remote or not. You can find the Ilios Bar here.

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