It’s simple really! Aluminium is one of the most common metal and it’s used everywhere around us. Aluminium tin cans to the structures within the buildings - we have come to depend on this metal! The yearly demand for aluminium is approximately 29 million tons a year!

To use aluminium has become extremely compelling because it’s a recyclable element as well as it being an eco-friendly alternative.

What’s the difference between recyclable aluminium and new aluminium? Absolutely nothing! The advantages will always be there regardless.

What are the properties?

Aluminium has many properties. It’s easy to bend and adapts to whatever shape or form you want it to take. Soft, resistant to corrosion (more on this later) and extremely light. The combination of all these advantages has made aluminium one of the most versatile metals that is used in everyday objects to construction work.

It’s so light! It has a low density! Compared to metals like copper, it’s two thirds lighter! 

Strength in Weather

Aluminium is perfect for cold weather. Being well suited to the elements, it becomes a big advantage (especially when you live in the UK - You're welcome)! The aluminium actually becomes becomes stronger when it's exposed to the cold air. 

When exposed, the metal naturally produces a layer of aluminium oxide over the entire surface which makes its resistant to corrosion. 

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