We have officially re-introduced WIFI to our Ilios Bars (DW Range)! But why? How will this affect the usage of the product and how it will affect your life?
Read on to find out more!

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The Advantages of Having A SMART/WIFI Enabled Device

Lets face it!! We live in a world where living without WIFI has become near impossible. We have came depend on it so much and in a short period time, its become accessible from EVERYWHERE! In recent years, technology has made leaps in advancing the devices we use around us.  

It's a great time to be alive! Smart devices are helping us improve the way live The advantages of WIFI are limitless so lets read through the points below together.


Networks that are wireless can give access to multiple users to connect to the same device. This means, if a family member arrives home before you do, they can have the same APP on their personal device and switch the heater on remotely. Its always great to arrive at a toasty home! 
When you wake up and it’s cold, simply open the App on your phone and switch the heater on (and yes, you can do this from your bed too!). You need more heat, but cannot be bothered to get up, that's fine too. Turn the heat up using your phone.

Third Party Control

You can connect the App with Alexa or even Google Assistant. This means that you can switch on your heater via voice command without missing a beat. You're half way through the dishes and your hands are dirty and it suddenly becomes way to hot! Simply by using the power of the voice command, you can switch it off! It's as easy as that!


As long as your device is connected to a WIFI network, you'll be able to access your device from anywhere! You're on your way from work, that's fine! Switch it on from your phone and by the time you get home, it will be comfortably cosy and warm. This will seriously cut off any waiting time you would have had before.

Money Saver

Ok - So I'm sure you've seen 'saves you money' all over this website..... but that's because its true! It is Infrared Heating after all. But, having the option of switching the heating on as an when you WANT it will really help with those monthly bills, preventing any unnecessary energy going to waste! ​

kiasa heating

Why do we use the SMART LIFE APP with our products?