Unleash the Power of Wi-Fi: Convenience, Connectivity, and Control

Gone are the days of restricted mobility and limited access. Wi-Fi technology has revolutionized our interaction with technology, offering unparalleled convenience and connectivity. Smartphones, laptops, smart TVs, and a vast array of Wi-Fi enabled devices have made staying online effortless. Imagine this: Freedom from cumbersome wires allows you to enjoy seamless mobility and flexibility in using your devices.

But Wi-Fi goes beyond just removing wires. It fosters a cohesive ecosystem where your devices can communicate effortlessly. Sharing information and keeping everything in sync becomes a breeze. Remote access and control are superpowers unlocked by Wi-Fi. Manage your devices from anywhere with an internet connection. Stream media, access cloud storage, or even control smart home devices – all thanks to the magic of Wi-Fi. In simpler terms, Wi-Fi connectivity enhances our daily lives by making things easier and more efficient. It's the invisible force behind the incredible things we do with technology every day.

The advantages

Accessible - Anytime/Anywhere
You can choose and change the temperature and your scheduling options of your heater settings from anywhere around the world.

Lot 20 Compliant
Because of the smart capabilities of these heaters, they meat the energy efficiency standards that have been set by the European Union, who are aiming to reduce worldwide energy consumption and carbon emissions being released from all electric heating appliances.

Always in Control
Lost your phone? Accidently dropped your tablet on the floor? That's ok! All smart infrared heaters will be supplied with a remote control too!

Immediate Response Time
When changes are made from your smart device, the change on the heater is transmitted right way on the heater too.