kiasa aftercare

Taking Care of your Product


Are you used to looking after, and maintaining the longevity of traditional heaters? Do you find yourself dedicating an entire step of your cleaning schedule to maintaining older heating systems for keeping them safe and efficient? We’re sure you’ve experienced the work it takes to keep one of these older wall heaters or patio heaters going to the best of it’s ability.

With Kiasa Infrared heaters, patio heaters, and Kiasa wall heaters, we know that ease of care is important. That is why our products are easy to use, clean, and care for. Infrared heaters are safe to leave on overnight.

They are low maintenance and our infrared panel heaters are designed to make your life easier. Please do not hang anything from your Kiasa panel heater. We recommend keeping the area free of all debris, making sure the heater is away from all foreign objects. If there is dirt or dust present on your heater, please follow the simple cleaning instructions below.

If there is sagging, permanent discolouration, or loose wires or fittings, please contact a Kiasa team member for more advice on maintenance and repairs.

​To find out any information please read the FAQs below.

Always turn off the heater before cleaning. Switch off the device, and unplug. We strongly recommend waiting until the infrared panel or patio heater is cool before commencing with your clean. This will usually take between 10 and 30 minutes.

Not at all! These panels and heaters are easy to wipe down - simply use a dry, soft cloth, and wipe down your product. We would recommend using a microfiber cloth.
This removes any dust and dirt build up, and will make sure your infrared heater is clean and dust free. Infrared heaters can be affected by dust, dirt, animal hair, and cigarette smoke.

Wiping down your heater will mean you can enjoy Kiasa heat for longer and will mean your device will give you optimum heat through the winter months.

Using the same method as above, use your soft microfibre cloth, dampen it slightly, and wipe with just a little pressure. This will remove any foreign temporary marks on the heater. Please make sure to unplug the device if using a dampened cloth.

You do not need to use any chemicals or cleaning solutions on our products. In fact, it is recommended that you do not. Do not use any harsh chemicals at all on these products, as it may cause damage to the clean smooth surface of the infrared heater.

They do! Due to the fact the outdoors is known for its harsh weather and many versions of dust and dirt, we recommend using the same cleaning techniques for your patio heater and outdoor heating. We do recommend finding out more about the IP rating of your device here to find out more.

Kiasa patio heaters are known for their longevity and hardiness, however to keep your heater in pristine condition for as many years as possible, we recommend cleaning the device after harsh weather and extended use. Switch off your device, unplug from the mains, and make sure it is cool. Using a damp cloth, wipe down your patio heater and eliminate debris and dust from the heater.

As with the infrared panel heaters, please do not use any chemicals or cleaning products on the heater, as this can damage both the external and internals of the patio heater. This will mean your Kiasa heater will produce more heat due to its clean condition. A dirty or dusty heater may emit less heat than one that has been wiped down from debris.

At Kiasa we recommend cleaning after extended use, or as part of your usual home cleaning routine. We also recommend that if your heater is part of your kitchen, or hanging outside over a barbeque, that you clean the heater after cooking. Grease and oil from food preparation can cause the heater to be damaged after extended exposure to these elements.

Absolutely. Infrared heaters are natural and safe for our bodies. UV light is not emitted by infrared heaters, and UV light is the part that can be harmful. This means infrared is good for our well-being, metabolism, and is a comfortable warmth that will feel great through the coldest of days.

Infrared heaters do not use fossil fuels, and therefore do not emit carbon monoxide or dangerous pollutants. This means no flammable fuel source that can cause fires or explosions.

Also, due to the lack of air flow and dust circulation, our infrared panel heaters will not dry out your skin or nose cavities in the winter. This leaves a cleaner, fresher feeling emitting from our panel heaters. This does mean however, that slightly more dust will accumulate on our panel heaters than other, older heating devices. This is due to the lack of air circulation. This is why we have our above recommended cleaning tips, to keep your Kiasa heater working and looking its best for the future.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of Infrared heat versus older heating technologies, and how safe and beneficial they are for our health and well-being, please click here.