What Size Infrared Heaters do I need? - Choosing the Right Size IR Heaters

What Size Infrared Heaters do I need? - Choosing the Right Size IR Heaters

Because of their rising popularity for effectiveness and efficiency, Infrared heaters are becoming a well-sought-after heating solution for homes and commercial workspaces. But, before purchasing an infrared heater, it is critical to use the right size and wattage of a heater in relation to a room. In this guide, we will discuss particular factors and key points you would need to consider before taking the plunge into the world of infrared heating.

Understanding Infrared Heaters

Before getting into sizes, it is important to understand the basics of IR heating and how it works. Compared to traditional heaters that circulate hot air to maintain a particular temperature, infrared emits electromagnetic waves (light) that heat people, pets and objects directly within a room (or generally whatever it is exposed to). Because of this, it makes them a highly efficient choice as they do not waste any energy heating the air, which can escape since hot air rises.

Factors to Consider When Sizing Infrared Heaters

Factors to Consider When Sizing Infrared Heaters
  • Room Size: The most important factor in deciding the size and wattage of the IR heater you need is the size of the room you intend on heating. Measure the length, and width of the space to calculate its square footage.
  • Insulation and Ceiling Height: Rooms with poor insulation or high ceilings may require larger heaters to compensate for the large space.
  • Desired Temperature: Consider the temperature you want to maintain in the room. Warmer climates may require less heating power compared to colder regions. Questions you need to ask yourself are what is the space used for? Is it a bedroom, living room, office, gym or a hot yoga studio? This needs to be taken into consideration since wattage/temp requirements will vary.
  • Heat Loss Factors: Evaluate and think about the factors that could potentially contribute to heat loss, such as draughty windows or doors, and type of insulation as this may mean that a larger heater may be needed to offset these heat loss factors.
  • Wattage and Heating Capacity: Infrared heaters are typically rated by their wattage, which directly correlates with their heating capacity. A higher-wattage heater will provide more warmth, suitable for larger spaces or colder environments.

Calculating Heater Size

 To get an idea of the appropriate size of the infrared heater, use the following formula: 
  • Length of the room x width of the room = Square meter
  • Square meter x wattage per square meter = Total wattage of the heater. 
For example:

If you have a room that is 4m by 5m, the sqm will be 20sqm. The space is being used as a living room, so you may require 60 to 70 watts per sqm. This is simply because living rooms typically need to be cosier as we spend a lot of time there.

4m x 5m = 20sqm
20 sq x 60 watts = 1200 watts

Based on these calculations, I would need an IR heater that is 1.2Kw in power, in a well-insulated space that has an average ceiling height of 2.4m/2.5m. If by any chance the insulation or the height of the ceiling is higher than 2.8m or the insulation isn’t adequate, you can always increase the wattage requirement by another 400 - 500 watts. In larger rooms, it may be better to use two smaller heaters (that one large heater) that equal up to the total wattage required for a more even heat distribution.
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Making sure you have the right infrared heater for what you need is crucial for efficient and effective heating. By considering the above factors, you can determine the appropriate wattage requirement for a warm and comfortable space. Investing time into sizing your infrared heater to make the most of optimal performance and increase your energy savings. We are always here to help you guide through this, so get in touch with your plans today. Call us on 0116 488 5150 or email at customer.support@kiasa.co.uk
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