Using Infrared Panels in Studio Flats

Using Infrared Panels in Studio Flats

Perhaps you're considering infrared heating as a possibility if you want to replace your complete heating system with something more contemporary, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly, or if you just want to supplement your current heating system with an alternative heating solution.

You may be familiar with infrared heating panels, but are unsure of how they operate or whether they are as affordable and attractive to have in your house as they sound. In order for you to decide whether infrared heaters sound like something you could find useful, we've compiled a list of the reasons why they're excellent for heating spaces such as studio flats.

1. Infrared Heating Panels don’t take up valuable space

They can be wall mounted or freestanding and are thinner than a typical heater, so they don't take up much room. With an easy installation, it just takes a few minutes to mount infrared panels on a wall and plug them into an electric socket. This type of central heating system is ideal for smaller spaces such as studio flats. 

2. No expensive plumbing is needed

It might be expensive and labour-intensive to install new radiators inside your home that relies on a boiler. The old plumbing may need to be redirected and linked in addition to new pipes having to be placed. This may require the flooring in your house to be pulled up, creating a mess and raising your expenses.

3. Easily fit into any interior design

Infrared panels are stylish enough to become the centre of attention in any space while being undetectable enough to complement your interior design. Any style choice you may have can be satisfied by any heater thanks to the variety of designs and customisations that are offered.

4. Instant focused heating

Infrared heating panels are ideal for use as concentrated heating solutions for spaces. Through the use of IR rays, infrared heaters use infrared technology to warm people in a space directly. Target heating is made possible by infrared rays, which pass through the air and heat everything they come in contact with. They produce an even, radiant warmth (similar to that of the sun), but at a lower air temperature. While radiators use convection to heat the air inside a room, the heated air then rises and escapes from the space, requiring the radiator to be on for a longer period. Since infrared heaters can produce targeted heating, there are no difficulties with heat loss.

5. Better control over your home’s temperature

At Kiasa, we provide Infrared Panels that are Wi-Fi controlled, meaning that you can control your heaters from anywhere in the world from your smartphone. You can create your own weekly logs by selecting which days and what time you would like the heater to run, and selecting a target temperature for your room. You can also control multiple heaters in different rooms. With this smart heating function, you have complete control over the heating around-the-clock, which may help you save money on your expenses. This is ideal for people who are busy but still want to be able to return to a warm home. And by using WiFi connectivity, you can connect the heaters to Alexa or Google Home, truly making them smart.
KIASA 1200W Smart Wi-fi Infrared Heating Panel - wall mounted in office area

Transform Your Space with Infrared Heating IR Panels

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