Infrared Panels - A Heating Solution

Infrared Panels - A Heating Solution

A young couple from Scotland had approached us with queries in regards to our infrared heating products. They were looking for heating that would keep them warm inside their cottage without too much cost and maintenance. They decided to give Infrared heating panels and ‘Kiasa’ a go. They initially started off buying only a few panels and trialling them out inside certain rooms. The couple was impressed with the efficiency and simplicity of the heating panels which resulted in them buying some more. This slowly led to them making Kiasa infrared heating panels their main source of heating.  

One of the main benefits the couple had using our infrared heater panels is that they were able to have control of the heating throughout the day in each room and were able to control them independently by using our wireless remote controls. Our infrared panels come with an inbuilt thermostat and wireless remote control. This allowed the couple to set a temperature target for each room and have a set time and day for the heaters to automatically turn on. This is a great advantage, as they are able to come home after a busy day at work with the heaters already automatically turned on to keep you snug and toasty in the bitter winter seasons. 

Another vital benefit the couple has from using our infrared heating panels is that they don’t ever have to worry about the maintenance costs if the panels ever break down. The maintenance costs of infrared heating systems are extremely low over their lifespan compared to central heating systems and require no servicing. KIASA also offers a 3-year warranty if a breakdown occurs, and we will immediately replace your infrared panels free of charge!

One of the best factors of using infrared heating is the direct instant heat it provides, using radiant heat. The infrared rays from the panels bounce off objects, windows, and people inside a room, directly providing them heat rather than heating the air in the room like another central heating system. Infrared heaters offer the same feeling of warmth as the sun does. 

Infrared heating panels also offer health benefits as well. For example, if you are someone who suffers from dust allergies, with infrared heaters, you won’t have to face this issue. This is because infrared heaters do not use the air to heat people, whereas other heating solutions such as radiators rely on convection to circulate heat throughout a room. This can cause dust particles to also circulate in the room, triggering people’s dust allergies. In addition to this, Infrared can decrease and prevent mould and condensation in a room. It does this by penetrating walls and continuing to heat them, even after the heating panel is turned off. This can cause walls to dry from the inside and eradicate any mould and condensation, this will vastly improve the air quality. 

As we can see in the images, the infrared heating panels deliver a sophisticated and sleek look to the cottage. Our infrared panels fit in perfectly with modern house aesthetics.

KIASA 1200W Smart Wi-fi Infrared Heating Panel - wall mounted in office area

Transform Your Space with Infrared Heating IR Panels

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