Harnessing the Power of Infrared: Why Ceiling-Mounted Heaters Lead the Way

Harnessing the Power of Infrared: Why Ceiling-Mounted Heaters Lead the Way

As temperatures drop even further and winter takes over our surroundings, the search for efficient and effective alternative heating solutions becomes paramount. Whether it is as a supplementary or main source of heating, infrared heaters have gained popularity for their ability to provide targeted warmth and energy efficiency. Among the various installation options such as wall mounting a suspension, flush mounting these heaters on ceilings stands out as a strategic choice.
In this specialized blog post, we take a deep dive into the reasons why infrared heaters work best when positioned overhead, backed by statistics and fascinating facts.

When do I install it on the ceiling?

The lowest ceiling height we would recommend to flush mount the heaters is 2.2m. If your ceilings are higher than 3m, we would suggest bringing the panels down by using our ceiling mounting kit.

Directional Heat Emission

Infrared heaters work by emitting radiant (light) heat in a fixed direction. Wherever it is aimed, that’s the direction the heat will move. When mounted on ceilings, they have the advantage of directing warmth downward, covering a wider area compared to floor-standing or low wall mounted units (convection heaters). According to heating experts, ceiling placement optimizes the directional nature of infrared heat emission, resulting in more efficient warmth distribution.

Improved Spatial Coverage

Ceiling-mounted infrared heaters provide improved spatial coverage, making them ideal for both residential and commercial spaces. Ceiling placement to a more equal temperature distribution, ensuring that every inch and corner of the space benefits from the soothing warmth.

Energy Efficiency in Action

Infrared heaters are known for their energy-efficient low wattage heating. Statistics from energy consumption studies indicate that the direct heating of objects and surfaces—rather than the air—results in reduced heat loss. Ceiling mounting infrared panels aids this efficiency, as the heat radiates downward (not upward like convection heaters), counteracting the heat loss, effectively warming people and objects.

Strategic Reduction of Stratification

In buildings with high ceilings, temperature stratification can be a challenge, leading to discomfort and inefficiencies. Ceiling-mounted infrared heaters offer a strategic solution. Alternatively, you can suspend them from the ceiling, bringing them closer to the ground. Research from theAmerican Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) highlights that these heaters help counteract stratification by addressing the warmth imbalance between upper and lower room levels.

Safety and Space Optimization

Safety is first and foremost when choosing heating solutions. Ceiling-mounted infrared heaters reduce the risk of accidental contact, especially in high-traffic such as hallways and landing areas. Additionally, their placement helps you make the most of your floor space, making them ideal for settings where space is already tight.

Customizable Installation

Ceiling-mounted infrared heaters offer flexibility in installation and placement to maximize coverage. Whether in a residential living room, kitchen or a commercial space, having the advantage of this adaptability ensures that the heating solution is tailored to the unique needs of the environment.

Ceiling-mounted infrared heaters are emerging as the frontrunners in the realm of efficient and targeted heating. Combine it with a current heating system or have it as a main source these heaters offer a compelling solution for those seeking to stay warm without compromising on safety or space. With a combination of directional warmth, improved spatial coverage, and energy efficiency, IR hearing is bound to meet your needs.

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