Infrared Heating - Is it Right for Your Home?

Infrared Heating - Is it Right for Your Home?

Finding the right heating solution for your home is an important decision for all homeowners or business owners. Recently, there have been a lot of options, but IR Heating has gained a lot of attention and is growing in popularity. It certainly has a unique way to keep your space warm and cozy, specifically during the colder months. But the biggest question is, is it right for your home? Below are some benefits and key points to consider and help you make an informed decision.

Understanding INFRARED (IR) Heating 

Since Infrared heating offers a low wattage, high efficiency heating solution, it could be the right solution for your project, especially if you would like to lower your carbon footprint. The radiant heat you feel from the panel/bar is very similar to heat you feel from the sun when it appears from behind a cloud on a cold day. Infrared uses invisible light to heat humans, pets and objects to maintain the temperature within a space.


Infrared heater panels or bars can be used as a full house solution or as complementary/ back up heating solution to work with other heating options such as central heating, underfloor heating or even heat Pumps to provide a boost in areas that are extremely hard to heat.

They are also very easy to install and can be retro fitted into any home by yourself or by using an electrician. It is particularly popular among graded/listed buildings, since they do require any remodelling or building work. You can install them on the ceiling, saving your wall space, or you can install them on the wall at eye level or above. You can even have a portable solution, so you can move them room to room with you. 

A women installing the infrared heating panel on wall


Ever since working from home became a thing since covid 19 affected everyone across the world, the question that was raised was ‘why heat up an entire home when you are spending all your time in a single room?’. Because of this, zoning within homes and businesses has become increasingly popular. By only heating up the space you need to, it will increase the amount you save on a yearly basis, and you can schedule the heating system around your lifestyle.


Since IR panels can be installed and used in multiple ways, they can also be designed to blend into the space. Typically, when installing them on the ceiling, clients opt in for plain white panels (framed or frameless), however, then can be printed on to match the colour of your walls or stand out by completely contrasting against it. You can even personalize it even further, by having images printed on them! 

An infrared heating panels on the wall of living room


Due to the radiant properties of IR heating, infrared heaters have been used in the health industry for some time now. This is because, our body absorbs this heat faster – increasing healing time as well as the reduction of muscle tension and improving circulation within our bodies. 

Since IR heaters use light, airflow is completely minimized, which means there is a dramatic reduction of dust and other airborne properties within a room. 


Running costs of a heating panel or bar depends on your energy provider and the wattage of the panel itself. As of 2024, the current average cost per kilowatt is 29p per hour. However, because the wattage requirements are rather low, when you use this system with a solar panel system, you can reduce the cost even further. When you combine this knowledge with zoning your home in sections, you can really create a personalized money saving heating system. 

Compared to most heating systems that require a considerable amount of time to heat, IR heater panels have an extremely low start up time. The panel/bar can reach maximum heating temperature within 5 – 10 mins. 

A couple in front of aninfrared heating panels inthe bedroom

Overall, there are countless benefits to having IR heating installation installed in your home. From energy efficiency to running costs and the ability to zone functions, infrared heating is an amazing alternative to other heating solutions. In the end, it all depends on your requirements and your particular circumstances. Always take into consideration what your priorities are, however, it is important to consider wattage requirements vs the room size. If you are unsure, please get in touch with us at Kiasa on 0116 488 5150 or email us at and we would be more than happy to assist and help. Do you also want to become a trade partner with us, just contact us. You may check upcoming blackfriday deals and offers here.

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