Common Questions Asked

The short answer is YES! It is 100% safe and natural. It is extremely beneficial for our bodies, and our well-being, since being human, we naturally absorb infrared heat. Infrared heat works the same way as the sun does. It is the same energy as we get from the sun but just without the harmful UV rays. It gives your immune system a boost and improves the elasticity of your skin.

Conventional heaters heat up cubic areas of air, which means that there will always be cold air in the room. When the air becomes warmer, it travels towards the ceiling leaving you to deal with colder air that the conventional heater needs to warm up again. This cycle continues as long as it’s on making it the least practical and a costly way to heat up your home. Whereas Infrared heaters use infrared technology to directly warm individuals and objects inside a room through IR rays. These IR rays bounce off objects and people, providing instant warmth and focused heating. Meaning you won’t face any heat loss issue and won’t need to keep heating inside your homes on for longer.

Yes, Infrared heaters are completely safe to leave on overnight. At Kiasa our heaters come with a safety shut-off switch, in-case the heater gets too hot or falls over. Our remote control heaters automatically turn off once the target temperature is reached.

Infrared heaters share the same hazards as other common space heaters:

1. Possible fire hazard – Make sure to not leave any flammable objects near the heater and keep the area in front of the heater clear.

2. Potential burns – Do not touch the heater whilst it is turned on, the surface temperatures of our heaters can reach up to 110 degrees.

There are zero maintenance and servicing costs for infrared heaters, unlike convectional radiators. This is because Infrared heaters don’t rely on a boiler to produce heat. With this major benefit, you won’t have to worry about the costs of a boiler breakdown, or replacing pipelines etc. In the rare case if a heater stops working, you would only need to replace that one. With Kiasa we offer up to 2+ years of warranty, depending on which product you purchase, click here to find out more.

We advise our customers to mount your infrared heaters high up on the wall just below the ceiling, and for our infrared panels you can even mount them on the ceiling. This is because having your infrared heaters high up on the wall will allow an unhindered spread of heat. Having you heaters pointed down towards the floor will make sure your comfortably heated at all times and will help the heat distribute more effectively across the room. Having your infrared heaters mounted low on the walls, similar to radiators will prevent the heat to evenly spread effectively, and will only heat the air, rather than directly heating individuals. You can purchase our suspension mounting kits for Infrared panels and Heating bars

Infrared Panel Heaters

We advise our customers to mount their heaters high up on the wall or the ceiling. This is because having your infrared heaters high up on the wall will allow an unhindered spread of heat and help the heat distribute more effectively across the room. Placing the heater behind furniture can become a fire hazard and will not effectively heat the space.

Infrared heating panels can heat a whole house. However, deciding which wattage heater you would need for each room can depend on the size of the room, insulation as well as the potential location of the panels. Infrared heaters offer a targeted heating system for your home. It provides you with the option to heat rooms e individually, rather than heating your whole house which is unsustainable and not cost-effective at all. Infrared heating panels can be used in conjunction with other heating systems such as central heating, as they can help to evenly distribute heat throughout the house.

Infrared heating panels do not damage furniture when used safely and as intended. They heat objects directly, rather than heating the air, so they do not dry out wood or cause any other damage to furniture. However, it is important to note that furniture should be placed at a safe distance from the panels to avoid any potential damage from heat. It is always recommended to follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper installation and use.

• Infrared heating panels typically come with several safety features to protect users and their property. These features may include:

• Overheat protection: This feature prevents the panel from getting too hot and potentially causing a fire.

• IP-rated waterproof: Some panels are designed to be waterproof, which makes them suitable for use in bathrooms and other damp areas.

• Automatic shut off: This feature can turn off the panel if it overheats, or if it is accidentally knocked over.

• Wall mounted: This feature keeps the panel away from reach and reduces the risk of accidental contact.

Infrared heating panels are efficient because they heat objects directly rather than heating the air. This means that heat is not lost through drafts or ventilation, making the room feel warmer faster. They raise the energy levels not just in the air but also in the walls, floors, ceiling, and furniture. The heat from these items then radiates back into the space, maintaining a more constant temperature and preventing convection heat loss. Since they heat objects directly, they can help to reduce humidity in the room, making it feel more comfortable.

Panel's (Classic, Classic+ and Glass)

Yes, the KIASA 180W and 350W models can be used as personal heaters. It’s perfect for places like, small bathrooms, utility rooms, porches and under your office desk. It’s the most effective when you are using it individually with the KIASA Panel Feet(sold separately).

The ideal IP Rating (Ingress Protection Rating) is IP65. All panels have a rating of 65. This means that it has full protection against from total dust ingress and it’s protected from low pressure water jets from any direction.

There are many factors such as size and insulation to consider when deciding how many watts you need or even how many Infrared Panels you need. For any larger rooms we recommend more than one Panel so it can distribute heat evenly and quicker. Smaller rooms, depending on the size, one should be sufficient enough. Infrared Heating works by heating up the thermal mass of the interior, so after starting it initially; it can take anything from a couple of hours to a few days to feel its full effect so, if it’s a room that’s damp, it will take longer. However, if you are unsure of what you need you can always get in touch with us via chat on or website or even call us directly for free advice on 0116 488 5150.

Short answer is no. The panels have been designed to be the exact opposite. Keeping in mind that each interior is different, they have been manufactured with a smooth finish that blends in with all types of décor.

Yes, everything you need to mount your Infrared Panel comes with the panel in the box when it’s delivered to you. If you wanted the panel to be suspended from the ceiling or free standing additional purchases need to be made for a suspension mounting kit.

When installing the heater we recommend a distance of 10-30cm from all other objects for safety reasons depending on the size of the panel. 180W is a personal heater so it can be placed as close as under your desk. We advise 30cm for our 720W Panel since it will radiate rather powerful heat.

At KIASA we have two types of Infrared Panels. One option is simple as pressing a button to switch it on and go. The other option is that you can purchase a KIASA Classic+ Infrared Panel where you can set up 4 different modes based on time and days of the week, and control the temperature itself.

We would advise against painting on your panels.

Panel's (Classic, Classic+ and Glass) II

There is little to no maintenance and no service cost. We would advise you to only use a damp cloth when you’re cleaning or dusting. There also no servicing costs..... you’re welcome!

No. There is no light emitted from the panel.  

The length of cord is approx 1.5meter, however it can be extended easily by qualified electrician.

KIASA offers 3 years of all inclusive warranty with every Infrared Panel Heater. Standard 15 months warranty is active from the day of purchase.

For further peace of mind, KIASA offers additional warranty FREE OF CHARGE! Simply complete the registration form on manufacture's website and keep your receipt as proof of purchase.

Classic+ Remote Control

When pairing the remote to your Classic+ Infrared Panel, all you have to do is switch on the panel, hold down the + and – button down together until the ‘connect’ button has started to flash and you hear a ‘beep’ sound indicating that it is connected.
When the ‘connect’ sign on the remote has stopped flashing, this is your second indicator that a connection has been established. You are now ready to set up any mode you like.

After successfully pairing the remote to your panel, you can set up to 4 different modes using the remote.

Pressing down the M button you will be able to switch between the system time and the thermostat. When you have decided, press down and hold the M button.

When in thermostat mode the mode use the + and – buttons to decide if its mode 1, 2, 3 or 4 (the programme slots) you want to change. When you’re ready press ok.

The ‘target’ temperature should immediately start flashing. Using + or – set the desired temperature and then press ok.

Next it will ask you to set the days of the week using the + and - buttons. You have 4 options. You can set it on weekly, weekend only, daily or just for the just for weekdays. When you have decided press OK.

Next it will give you the option to set the ‘ST’ (start time) first and then, after you have pressed ok, the option for the ‘ET’ (end time) will come up. Press ok and you are good to go.

NOTE: When the screen has been left on idle for more than a few seconds, the screen will switch off to save power.

When you have set up your mode, you will know that it’s on when the ‘on’ button is on and the sign for the ‘heat’ mode is on.

Patio Heaters

They can be replaced by a professional electrician.

The halogen bulbs have a long life of approximately 4000 hours and be replaced at low costs with little to no hassle. 

It is important to make sure that there aren’t any flammable materials near the halogen heaters as it could create a fire hazard.

Halogen heaters are completely safe to run, they don't release any harmful gases such as carbon monoxide or smoke. 

Halogen heaters provides instant heat, and the infrared heat that is released, can effectively heat any outdoor space. The costs of running a halogen heater using 1000 watts would be approximately 18 pence per hour.

Illios Heating Bars

We advise installing the heater at least 1.8m from the floor and tilt to the appropriate direction to maximize the efficiency of the heater.

The DW range has TWO settings. Give you the option to use it at half the wattage. The J Range doesn't have this setting. It has one setting.

The cable is approx. 1.7m. Yes the cable can be extended however, we do recommend that you use a qualified electrician to install your heater.

Yes. The wall fixings will be included as well at the brackets needed to mount the products. Remote control will also be included, but only with the DW Range. The J Range is not compatible with a remote.

No, there is no light emitted from the product. The only light that will be on is the LED screen on the DW range or the little red right on the J Range. When the heater is initially started, there will be a smell coming of the heater for a few hours. This is perfectly normal as this is burning off the protective oils from the heater.

You can use an external thermostat but only with the J Range. As this doesn't have a built in thermostat it will be compatible with any external thermostat. The DW Range will NOT work an external thermostat.

The DW range comes with WIFI compatibility. You can do the all the same things as you do from the remote control, from the App as well. 

Heater Bars

You must first calculate the volume of your room. You can figure this out by multiplying the room’s length by its width and then multiplying the result by the height. Your outcome will be in m3, assuming that your initial measurements were made in metres. Based on the national average, you would need to times the m3 with anywhere between 70w per m3 or 110 per m3. Depending on how well-insulated your home is.

Yes, you can leave the infrared heater bar on all the time. However, we do not advise this and recommend only keeping your heater bar ON when the space is being occupied to avoid energy waste. Where heater bars are concerned you can use external timers for our classic J range that comes without controls and a thermostat but our smart range comes in with all the built-in features including app controls. This means you can preheat a room before you go in from your phone.

Infrared heater bars do not heat the air, as they simply warm humans, pets, areas and objects due to their use of radiant heat. Infrared heater bars are capable of heating any space as it heats the fabric of the building as well. However, Infrared works best when it is used in a room filled with objects, so the heat that is being absorbed is reflected back into the room.

When using infrared heaters, we advise that you follow the same rules as you would with any other heater and do not leave it unattended for long periods of time to avoid any accidents. Keep any flammable objects and liquids or any combustible materials away from the heater itself. Regardless, all of our heaters have built-in safety. Once it reaches a certain temperature, it will automatically switch off.

No, an infrared heater bar cannot be utilised to dry clothes, this is a potential fire hazard. We strictly advise using an infrared heater bar to keep your space heated. Keeping anything in front of the heater will prevent the heater from working effectively.

We do not recommend using our infrared heater bars outside as they only have an IP 44 rating, meaning it is only protected from low-velocity water splashes and not heavy rain. We do provide outdoor patio heaters with an IP rating of 65. Outdoor infrared heaters are effective because they do not spend energy heating air that can be lost by draughts, opening doors, or the natural circulation of air, they are ideal for outdoor or extremely draughty spaces.