A room having a bed and IR panel heater in itA room having a bed and IR panel heater in it

Design Inspiration

Are you looking for inspiration on how to design and decorate around your beautiful new Kiasa heater?
Here at Kiasa, we know your new heater is not only a warm addition to your home - it is also an addition to your interior design. Below are some ideas and recommendations for the products to choose and love for your home.
Simply look for the panel or heater you love, and have a read on our recommended design tips to make it truly integrate into your home.

Bar interior with a IR heater panelBar interior with a IR heater panel

Light & Airy

Do you have a beautiful, minimal, light and airy feel to your home? As you can see here, our Frameless Glass, Classic and Classic+ White Panels are perfect for a living space with a clean and classic look.

Our panels will look great with an accent colour. Do you have your dining room decorated with white and blue? Or with red and white? Watch as our panels disappear into the décor alongside your white and colour themes.

As you can see, our panels look great in the kitchen, alongside your white appliances. They blend seamlessly into your airy and light décor. Pair with white, stone, or a light wood for an airy feel. This will make any room feel larger! If you enjoy symmetry, and have a wall mounted television, place a Classic Panel heater on either side of your television to create a symmetrical and clean look.

If you are looking for a panel that is useful as well as warm, choose a reflective mirror panel to to hang in your living space, to add versatility to your home!

Heating bar in a roomHeating bar in a room

Dark woods & Warm lighting

With the Kiasa Ilios heating range, you can design around a darker and deeper interior. Our beautiful bars are simple, elegant, and easy to arrange into your existing décor.

Do you have a television in your living space? Our Ilios range can blend in so easily into your media setup, it will look very similar to a sound bar. We recommend attaching your Ilios heater higher on the wall, to imitate other appliances in your home.

This also looks wonderful in businesses such as bars and studios as here on the left. Decorate around our Ilios heater with dark woods, black furniture, and warm lighting for a signature Ilios look.

Patio heater bar in a living roomPatio heater bar in a living room

Colour & Heat

Our Halo heating range is our warmest aesthetic available. As you can see above, our Halo range is a beautiful colour when switched on, giving not only the feeling of warmth, but a cosy and comfortable design too.

Our Halo heaters will look wonderful around warm coloured woods, and around a décor with cosy and comfortable aesthetic. Add moss greens and oranges into your interior design to really give the Halo heater a perfect surrounding.

They will also look perfect in a bar or restaurant looking to add a home hearth feel. If you want to add some colour and heat to your walls, the Halo heater is perfect.

Pair with warm woods, cushions, and a cosy décor to create a homey feel to your business.