A lady sneezing due to allergy - How can IR heater get rid of this issue

Infrared Heating and How Can It Affect you

How do allergies affect you?

Allergies unfortunately are very common. Whether it’s just your standard Hay Fever or Asthma, 1 person out of 4 people suffer with some form of an allergy. The sneezing, scratchy through, burning watery red eye and the lack of sleep. Not a pretty picture is it? Come spring time, there is a lot of pollen in the air that will trigger your allergies. But, what about when you're in the middle of winter and spending all your time indoors? Stuffy rooms and hot air that makes it difficult for you to breathe! You can’t control it when your out and about but you shouldn’t have to suffer with it in your own home.  

Your heating can actually be playing a big part in this. Having the right kind of heating can improve your lifestyle dramatically within your own house. It can improve some of the negative symptoms, making it a lot more comfortable while staying in your own home. Plus, the last thing you need is you sneezing through your favourite TV show. Some of the biggest and the most common causes of allergic reactions are:
-> Pollen
-> Dust
-> Pets
-> Moulds

What can you do?

Most storage heaters use convection as a way to heat up a room. Storage heaters, central heating, blow heaters etc heat up the air, which causes the hot air to go towards the ceiling and while pushing the cold air towards the floor (which is where you will be). When the hot air is coming from the heater, any dust is being swirled around the room and your living space. For anyone who suffers from allergies, dust and pollen can be transferred all around the room/house. This causes you to have a very undesirable reaction. But how? Heat is a major trigger for nasal issues. Causing dryness and general nasal issues.

Why switch to Infrared Heating?

The reason why people switch to Infrared Heating is simple. It works completely differently to out dated heating systems. Rather than heat up the air, it heats up the objects, so there is no air circulating around the room. Therefore, no dust is being moved around your home and prevents your allergies from triggering. 

The heat that out Far Infrared Heaters give off is a gentle warmth. So you can say bye to that feeling of overwhelming heat that can feel suffocating since there is no forced air from a big bulky device.  This also means that there will be fewer cold spots. Do you often find members of your family fighting for the warmest are in the room? Because heat isn’t blasted into your home, temperature within your living space will not be uneven. The radiant heat that will be given will be equal, gradually warming up at the same temperature.

You can now rest at ease with these heaters. You wouldn’t need to worry about any soot or ash circulating into the air from open stoves or fires. Our Infrared products are compact and smaller than your average storage heater. The are also easy to maintain and clean.

The Ilios Heating Bar

Do you have a large area to keep warm? Got an area with a high heat loss? The Ilios Bar is perfect for you. It's a powerhouse that gives out a warmth that makes you feel like you siting next to a camp fire. 

We now have option that comes with a built in thermostat that is supplied with a remote and now you can connect this with your WIFI.

Classic/Classic+ Far Infrared Panel

This is one our most versatile heaters. They can be mounted on the wall, ceiling and even suspending from the ceiling for homeowners who have ceilings that are higher than the average 2.5M. Image printing is available with this.

You also have the option to get one with a built in thermostat, so you can have more climate control in your living space or office.