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Heater Bar Accessories

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Glass and Mirror Panels

Made from high-quality safety glass, combining beautiful design and efficiency together. This makes our Glass Panels a perfect addition to your home or your commercial property by adding a minimalist and modern aesthetic to your interior. 

This sleek frameless panel blends in perfectly into your bathroom, bedrooms, hallways, and offices adding luxury and saving space at the same time.

Available in three different colours and three different outputs, you can install it horizontally or vertically, you are sure to find something that suits your needs

glass heating panels


Infrared Panels are the most cost effective way to heat the interior of a restaurant, office, shop or even your industrial space. 

The energy efficiency rating is A+ so it has a very low energy consumption. This is because the heat warms up the furniture/objects and then bounces off to heat up something else within the room saving you up to 60% on your total monthly bills.

glass heating panels


Infrared is a perfect choice to heat your gym or studio. One of the best things about infrared panel heaters is its effectiveness in directly providing you warmth, unlike central heating systems which heats the air inside a room and the heat then rises and escapes. With this MAJOR advantage, infrared panels can save up to 60% on heating bills. 

Infrared is a great choice if you are the proud owner of a gym, Pilates or yoga studio - lack use of convection and dust circulation promotes clean breathing and healthy metabolism.


Save up to 60% on heating bills


Panel's (Classic, Classic+ and Glass)

Yes, the KIASA 180W and 350W models can be used as personal heaters. It’s perfect for places like, small bathrooms, utility rooms, porches and under your office desk. It’s the most effective when you are using it individually with the KIASA Panel Feet(sold separately).

The ideal IP Rating (Ingress Protection Rating) is IP65. All panels have a rating of 65. This means that it has full protection against from total dust ingress and it’s protected from low pressure water jets from any direction.

There are many factors such as size and insulation to consider when deciding how many watts you need or even how many Infrared Panels you need. For any larger rooms we recommend more than one Panel so it can distribute heat evenly and quicker. Smaller rooms, depending on the size, one should be sufficient enough. Infrared Heating works by heating up the thermal mass of the interior, so after starting it initially; it can take anything from a couple of hours to a few days to feel its full effect so, if it’s a room that’s damp, it will take longer. However, if you are unsure of what you need you can always get in touch with us via chat on or website or even call us directly for free advice on 0116 488 5150.

Short answer is no. The panels have been designed to be the exact opposite. Keeping in mind that each interior is different, they have been manufactured with a smooth finish that blends in with all types of décor.

Yes, everything you need to mount your Infrared Panel comes with the panel in the box when it’s delivered to you. If you wanted the panel to be suspended from the ceiling or free standing additional purchases need to be made for a suspension mounting kit.

When installing the heater we recommend a distance of 10-30cm from all other objects for safety reasons depending on the size of the panel. 180W is a personal heater so it can be placed as close as under your desk. We advise 30cm for our 720W Panel since it will radiate rather powerful heat.

At KIASA we have two types of Infrared Panels. One option is simple as pressing a button to switch it on and go. The other option is that you can purchase a KIASA Classic+ Infrared Panel where you can set up 4 different modes based on time and days of the week, and control the temperature itself.

We would advise against painting on your panels.

Panel's (Classic, Classic+ and Glass) II

There is little to no maintenance and no service cost. We would advise you to only use a damp cloth when you’re cleaning or dusting. There also no servicing costs..... you’re welcome!

No. There is no light emitted from the panel.  

The length of cord is approx 1.5meter, however it can be extended easily by qualified electrician.

KIASA offers 3 years of all inclusive warranty with every Infrared Panel Heater. Standard 15 months warranty is active from the day of purchase.

For further peace of mind, KIASA offers additional warranty FREE OF CHARGE! Simply complete the registration form on manufacture's website and keep your receipt as proof of purchase.