How can Infrared Heaters Revolutionise a Hot Yoga Studio

How can Infrared Heaters Revolutionise a Hot Yoga Studio

In the hustle and bustle of the modern world, stress and chaos reign, and finding solace becomes necessary. Jo from the Wellness Studio, Aesthetic Fitness in Sutton Coldfield offers fitness classes and recovery services cryotherapy and hot yoga sessions to the locals in the area. This case study will explain how the Wellness Studio, Aesthetic Fitness embraced and incorporated IR heating in their studios, elevating the hot yoga experience for their patrons.

The Challenge:

For a yoga studio to achieve a constant and even indoor heating temperature of 38°C-40, °C is paramount for its practice and for creating the perfect environment for relaxation. To heat a yoga studio that would hold 25 - 35 people is not an easy feat. The square footage of the space was 97.82 sqm and using conventional heating systems to maintain consistent warmth would prove to be more than just a little difficult across the spacious studio. If they were to go ahead and choose to use a traditional heating method, it would mean that there would be uneven heat throughout with fluctuating temperatures, and general discomfort which would affect the movement and breathing of the class members and would take away from the overall hot yoga experience. The follow-up points would need to be considered as well are maintenance and running costs. If a conventional heating system were to go down, the entire space would be without heating, resulting in cancelled classes and negatively affecting the business. The cost to keep these heaters on constantly would give you skyrocketing monthly bills.

Creating the perfect hot yoga studio

Jo recognised the importance of having a heating system that is reliable as well as it being healthy for the well-being of her clients. After finding out the advantages and how they can benefit her clients, we were approached with the space dimensions in hand. Unlike conventional heating systems, Infrared heaters heat humans and objects (as in the very foundation of the building). There are multiple advantages of using and combining infrared heaters with hot yoga: 

  1. Improved flexibility: While stretching, IR heat helps your muscles relax and allows you to stretch more deeply.
  2. Remove toxins: Infrared heat will increase sweating during hot yoga, which will help your body detoxify through the skin promoting cleansing. 
  3. Healthy breathing: IR heating positively affects general respiratory health. When breathing during yoga, infrared heating will help maintain a more consistent humidity level.
  4. Burning calories: Combining physical exercise and increased heat can aid weight loss by increasing metabolism. 

Implementation: plan to reality:

After calculating how many wattages we would need to keep the space warm enough to achieve the required 38°C-40, we decided to install a combination of Classic IR panels and Heater Bars, but have them controlled in zoned sections for better climate control. The studio worked closely with our in-house heat specialist to come up with the best possible place to install these heaters to improve efficiency and make the most of these heaters. Strategically positioning IR heaters is extremely important and key to optimising the coverage of the area. The delivery and installation process was quick and non-disruptive, making sure that there was only minimal downtime.

The results:

Introducing infrared heating into the yoga studio brought about an immediate and significant transformation. Its effect was profound, altering the atmosphere and experience for practitioners.

  1. Consistent Warmth which eliminates cold spots and ensures a comfortable environment for yoga practitioners.
  2. Enhanced Comfort: Instant relaxation was experienced, as the gentle radiant heat penetrated deep into muscles, improving flexibility and easing tension at the same time. 
  3. Energy Efficiency: Infrared heating proved to be highly energy-efficient, reducing utility costs for the studio while lowering their carbon footprint.
  4. Positive Feedback: The response from patrons was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing delight at the improved yoga experience.
  5. Brand Differentiation: Jo can differentiate herself from other competitors by offering a cutting-edge hot yoga experience that is powered by innovative infrared heating technology.


Infrared heating has become the cornerstone of Wellness Studio, Aesthetic Fitness's commitment to providing an unparalleled hot yoga experience. By embracing innovative technology, the studio has transformed comfort, redefined relaxation, and reaffirmed its position as a sanctuary of serenity in the heart of the city.

Celiling infrared heating panels installed at the yoga studio
Aesthetic Fitness embraced IR Heating solutions
IR heating panels full installaton case study at Aesthetic Fitness


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