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Infrared Heater Bars

Kiasa Smart Heater Bars are designed for spaces that are hard to keep warm and areas that have a higher heat loss than usual such as conservatories, garages and sheds. Ideal for homes that have newly built extensions and open-plan spaces as it only requires minimum mounting space.

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KIASA 1200W Smart Wi-fi Infrared Heater Bar - Dimensions - 94cm x 7cm x 15cm - Running Cost Approx. 15/29P per hour -  App and remote controlled - Smart Life/Tuya AppKIASA 1200W Smart Wi-fi Infrared Heater Bar - wall mounted in office
1200W/600W Smart Wi-Fi Infrared Heater Bar With Weekly Timer
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KIASA 2400/1200W Smart Wi-Fi Infrared Heating bar - Dimensions - 154cm x 7cm x 15cm - Running Cost Approx. 29/59P per hour - App and remote controlled - Smart Life/Tuya AppKIASA 2400/1200W Smart Wi-Fi Infrared Heating Bar  - Wall Mounted in the living room
2400W/1200W Smart Wi-Fi Infrared Heater Bar With Weekly Timer
Sale priceFrom £231.80 Regular price£291.53
1800W Infrared Heater Bar - Classic On-Off1800W Infrared Heater Bar - Classic On-Off
KIASA 1800W Smart Wi-fi Infrared Heater Bar - Smart display screen showing all features - Controlled through smart app or remote - Compatible smart apps include Smart Life app and Tuya app - Dimension being 124cm x 7cm x 15cm - Running Cost being approx. 22/44P Per hour KIASA 1800W Smart Wi-fi Infrared heater bar wall mounted on the wall in a living room - Being controlled through the remote
1800W/900w Smart Wi-Fi Infrared Heater Bar With Weekly Timer
Sale priceFrom £206.25 Regular price£236.98
2400W Infrared Heater Bar - Classic On-Off2400W Infrared Heater Bar - Classic On-Off
Salus Quantum Wireless Programmable Thermostat WQ610RFSalus Quantum Wireless Programmable Thermostat WQ610RF
3000W Infrared Heater Bar - Classic On-Off3000W Infrared Heater Bar - Classic On-Off
Salus Smart Relay SR600Salus Smart Relay SR600
Salus Smart Relay SR600
Sale priceFrom £26.70
Salus Universal Gateway Control UG600Salus Universal Gateway Control UG600
Salus Quantum Thermostat - SQ610-RFSalus Quantum Thermostat - SQ610-RF
Salus Quantum Hardwired Thermostat - SQ610Salus Quantum Hardwired Thermostat - SQ610
Salus RM-16A Relay ModuleSalus RM-16A Relay Module
Salus RM-16A Relay Module
Sale price£19.57
KIASA 3000/1500W Smart Wi-fi Infrared Heater Bar - Dimensions - 184cm x 7cm x 15cm - Running Cost Approx. 37/74P per hour - App and remote controlled - Smart Life/Tuya AppKIASA 3000/1500W Smart Wi-fi Infrared Heater Bar Installed In the Summer House
3000W/1500W Smart Wi-Fi Infrared Heater Bar With Weekly Timer
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KIASA 3000W Infrared Heater Bar - Dimensions 184cm x 7cm x 15cm - Running Cost Approx 74P per hourKIASA 3000W Infrared Heater Bar
KIASA 2400W Infrared Heater Bar - Dimension Being 154cm x 7cm x 15cm - Running Cost being 59P per smart 2400w Classic Heater Bar - Plug in - On and off
KIASA 1800W Infrared Heater Bar - Dimensions 124cm x 7cm x 15cm - Running cost Approx. 44P Per Hour KIASA 1800W Infrared Heater Bar
KIASA Infrared 1200W Classic Heater bar - dimensions - 94cm x 7cm x 15cm - Running cost approx. 29PKIASA 1200W Classic Infrared Heater Bar
Salus Smart Button - SB600Salus Smart Button - SB600
Salus Smart Button - SB600
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Our Infrared Heater Bars have a unique modern structure with a sleek and slim look that will enhance any space. Available with a simple on/off switch, or as a smart heater with built-in WiFi with smartphone control. 

Our Heater Bars are 100% safe, are made from top quality aluminium and are incredibly reliable. As well as being energy efficient and cost effective, they offer multiple health benefits such as improving air quality indoors and preventing moisture which can lead to damp and mould. They are great for allergy sufferers as they do not collect or circulate dust. This makes it perfect for indoor spaces such as offices, living areas, conservatories, gym studios & restaurants.

Our heater bar heaters have an IP rating of 44. This means it has protection against objects that are bigger than 1mm and from water splashes. 

Find out a bit more about how infrared heating works here.

Now With WiFi

You can now have full control of your heaters at all times from your smartphone by using the SMART LIFE APP or the TUYA APP. This means you now have the freedom and control to adapt room temperatures to your needs, all from the comfort of your sofa! The Heater bars come with a built-in thermostat and you can control all heaters individually, in different rooms at once.

Download and use the SMART LIFE APP by creating an account and then pair your heater(s) to the APP.


Infrared heaters have the ability to offer many health benefits. Some of the main benefits are:​

1. Improved air quality 
IR heaters does not affect the humidity inside the room thus no dry air is formed.

2 Source of natural heat 
Producing heat similar to the sun, our body absorbs infrared heat quicker which assists with the blood flow by increasing it.

​​3. Dust allergy friendly 
Since convection systems uses hot air to maintain a target temperature, dust particles that is collected by radiators also transfer around the room as well. IR heaters do not collect dust unlike central heating systems.

4. ​​Prevents damp and mould
IR heat produced from the heaters penetrates through walls which warms the walls up and absorbs the heat. This prevents moisture from settling in.


The installing process cannot be made any simpler.The only thing you need to do is screw the brackets into the wall, and a friend to help you mount the bar on the wall. Next, plug it in and then you're good to go!

​The brackets behind the heater are adjustable so you can change the angle of the heat to suit your needs.


The Kiasa Heating Bar has been redesigned and made with top of the range aluminum. The curved finish gives it an amazing sleek modern look. 

Aluminum is perfect for electrical and thermal conductivity. It is non-toxic and is used to make any equipment where high intensity heat is involved. It is easily cleaned and all aluminum parts are 100% recyclable. 

​Aluminum naturally corrosive resistant and produces an oxide coating that protects it from its surrounding elements.


ALL of the Ilios range has an IP rating of 44. This means it has protection against objects that are bigger than 1MM and water sprays and splashes from any angle. 

This makes it perfect for anywhere indoors and sheltered outdoor areas. Want to know more? Click on the button below to find out more.


Save up to 60% on heating bills

Classic Heater Bars

Our Classic Heater Bar range is an easy and straightforward heater to use. Just simply plug in and turn the switch on. They can be used with an external thermostat and timers. For larger areas, you can hardwire our heaters bars, to control multiple of them at once.

Smart Heater Bars

Our Smart Heater Bars allow our customers to have more control over their heaters. You can control multiple heaters in different rooms at once. It comes with a built-in thermostat so you can set target temperatures for rooms to reach. It also has a 2 power mode setting, so you can select if you want to use full-wattage power or half-wattage power.


Common Questions Asked

The short answer is YES! It is 100% safe and natural. It is extremely beneficial for our bodies, and our well-being, since being human, we naturally absorb infrared heat. Infrared heat works the same way as the sun does. It is the same energy as we get from the sun but just without the harmful UV rays. It gives your immune system a boost and improves the elasticity of your skin.

Conventional heaters heat up cubic areas of air, which means that there will always be cold air in the room. When the air becomes warmer, it travels towards the ceiling leaving you to deal with colder air that the conventional heater needs to warm up again. This cycle continues as long as it’s on making it the least practical and a costly way to heat up your home. Whereas Infrared heaters use infrared technology to directly warm individuals and objects inside a room through IR rays. These IR rays bounce off objects and people, providing instant warmth and focused heating. Meaning you won’t face any heat loss issue and won’t need to keep heating inside your homes on for longer.

Yes, Infrared heaters are completely safe to leave on overnight. At Kiasa our heaters come with a safety shut-off switch, in-case the heater gets too hot or falls over. Our remote control heaters automatically turn off once the target temperature is reached.

Infrared heaters share the same hazards as other common space heaters:

1. Possible fire hazard – Make sure to not leave any flammable objects near the heater and keep the area in front of the heater clear.

2. Potential burns – Do not touch the heater whilst it is turned on, the surface temperatures of our heaters can reach up to 110 degrees.

Heater Bars

You must first calculate the volume of your room. You can figure this out by multiplying the room’s length by its width and then multiplying the result by the height. Your outcome will be in m3, assuming that your initial measurements were made in metres. Based on the national average, you would need to times the m3 with anywhere between 70w per m3 or 110 per m3. Depending on how well-insulated your home is.

Yes, you can leave the infrared heater bar on all the time. However, we do not advise this and recommend only keeping your heater bar ON when the space is being occupied to avoid energy waste. Where heater bars are concerned you can use external timers for our classic J range that comes without controls and a thermostat but our smart range comes in with all the built-in features including app controls. This means you can preheat a room before you go in from your phone.

Infrared heater bars do not heat the air, as they simply warm humans, pets, areas and objects due to their use of radiant heat. Infrared heater bars are capable of heating any space as it heats the fabric of the building as well. However, Infrared works best when it is used in a room filled with objects, so the heat that is being absorbed is reflected back into the room.

When using infrared heaters, we advise that you follow the same rules as you would with any other heater and do not leave it unattended for long periods of time to avoid any accidents. Keep any flammable objects and liquids or any combustible materials away from the heater itself. Regardless, all of our heaters have built-in safety. Once it reaches a certain temperature, it will automatically switch off.

No, an infrared heater bar cannot be utilised to dry clothes, this is a potential fire hazard. We strictly advise using an infrared heater bar to keep your space heated. Keeping anything in front of the heater will prevent the heater from working effectively.

We do not recommend using our infrared heater bars outside as they only have an IP 44 rating, meaning it is only protected from low-velocity water splashes and not heavy rain. We do provide outdoor patio heaters with an IP rating of 65. Outdoor infrared heaters are effective because they do not spend energy heating air that can be lost by draughts, opening doors, or the natural circulation of air, they are ideal for outdoor or extremely draughty spaces.