Are you having difficulty finding an effective heating solution for your garage conversion or your new conservatory? Installing central heating radiators in a garage or conservatory can come with a hefty price tag and require a lot of work to be done, such as installing pipes and new radiators. Having pipework rerouted and connected can require pulling up floorboards within your home causing a great mess and costing you more money. Garages and conservatory will also need to be well insulated or else you’ll lose much of the heat and there is a running risk of pipes freezing. Below we have listed some of the key reasons why Infrared Heaters are an ideal solution to heating garage conversion spaces.

Advantages of Infrared Heating in Garage conversion and conservatory spaces:

  1. Low installation costs compared to central heating radiators.
  2. Zero maintenance & servicing costs
  3. Provides instant heat – Infrared heaters warm up quickly, delivering you heat within a few minutes of being turned on. Whereas central heating radiators take around 30 minutes to heat up.
  4. Gives target heating – Infrared heaters are perfect for being utilized as a focused heating solution for areas. Infrared heat is a consistent heat that directly warms objects and individuals instead of the surrounding air to help create a healthy environment. The infrared rays flow through the air and heat individuals or objects that come into touch with it, providing an even, radiant warmth (similar to the sun), but at a lower air temperature, which is perfect for target heating. Whereas radiators use convection to heat the air inside a room and then the heated air rises and escapes a room, resulting in having to keep the radiator on for longer.
  5. Prevents damp and mould - Garages and conservatories are prone to getting damp and mould due to high humidity and lack of air ventilation. Radiation heat produced from Infrared Heaters penetrates through walls which warms the walls up and absorbs the heat. This prevents moisture from settling in.
  6. Takes up less space as most infrared heaters are installed high on walls or ceilings, to allow heat to be distributed evenly in an area. Click here for more info. 


Cost comparison:

The average cost of using 1KW per hour is 35p. An average radiator uses at least 1.5KW of energy, which costs a minimum of 52.5p to run per hour. Whereas with infrared heaters you can purchase a heater with a specific wattage that suits you best, ranging from 180W – 3000W.

Running Time

1.5KW Radiator



1 hour




4 hours




1 Week for 5 hours a day




1 Year




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