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Here at Kiasa, we don’t just care about the human members of your family. Our fluffy friends need to be kept warm and comfortable just like us, and we’re here to make you content with the fact our Kiasa Infrared heating is safe beneficial and perfect for the smallest members of your family.

Our infrared panel heaters have been used to heat catteries, dog kennels, and homes with multiple pets. The radiant warmth generated by these panels and patio heaters is so similar to sunlight, that your animals will be content and comfortable with our signature sunlight-like Kiasa heat.

Mammals are always losing heat to their surroundings, due to the fact their body temperature is usually warmer than the space they are in. True heat comes from radiation, such as the sun, which is why you’ll often see your cats seeking out that tiny patch of sunlight!

Because Infrared heat is the closest form of artificial heat to real sunlight, your pets will love the warmth that comes from our infrared panels and patio heaters.

As we’re sure you’re aware, animals have fur and fat in very particular places, made perfect by evolution to keep your pets safe and happy. This means external temperatures they live in also need to be perfect - and infrared, with it’s ease of use to change temperature and heat level, mean you can regulate your pets comfort easily. If you are unsure how warm or cool your pet would prefer, you know those members of your family better than anyone - watch how they act with different temperatures, and adjust accordingly.

kiasa heating animal friendly


If you are looking for a heater to adjust the temperature of a room holding reptiles, look no further. The lack of air circulation and the benefit of pure radiant heat means your bearded dragons, lizards or frogs can have the heat you set personally. Our remotes that come with our Classic+ infrared panel range let you set the temperature, and change for different seasons and times of day.

Fun fact: Only certain animals like frogs and snakes can see Infrared. Find out more here.

We have multiple options for your pet friendly household. All our heaters are easy to clean and take care of, so don’t worry if your fluffy friend is sending hair all over your home. Simply take a smooth cloth, either dry or very slightly damp, and clean your product by wiping it down. This will remove dirt and grime and keep the product working to it’s fullest. To get the best out of your product and keep it safe and comfortable for your pets, see our recommendations below.

kiasa heating animal friendly


Keep plenty of space between the heater and other objects in your space. Keep the infrared heater panel or patio heater away from objects that can take on heat, such as fabrics.

​Make sure the cable connecting the infrared panel heater or patio heater to your mains is not a tripping hazard. Connect to a plug socket close to the panel heater, or use pegs to attached the cord higher on the wall to make sure it doesn’t touch the floor and become a tripping or chewing hazard for your pets.

​Make sure your heater is installed in an area where it is inaccessible to pets and children. Our Kiasa infrared panel heaters are available to install high on the wall and on the ceiling. With the remotes available with the Kiasa Classic+ Infrared panel, you can safely install the panel out of reach of even yourself, and still have ease of use of the product.

​Always make sure to switch off the heater when away from the house for an extended period of time. With how quickly the infrared panels can heat your home, you will not need to preheat the house ready for home time.

kiasa heating animal friendly


Our Kiasa Infrared panel range and mirrored panel range are perfect to heat your indoor hearth for your pets. Use Infrared panels in the kitchen, bathroom, or living spaces to keep their fur and feet warm. If you are looking to heat the patio or garden of your home, to keep rabbits, outdoor cats or outdoor dogs warm and cosy, our Halo patio heater range will be perfect to keep them cosy in the long winter nights.

kiasa heating animal friendly


If you are looking to heat an area for multiple animals, whether that is in your home with multiple pets, or whether you are looking to heat the halls of your animal rescue, or even your small business of grooming and looking after animals temporarily, our far infrared heaters are the perfect choice.

Use a single panel to heat a smaller room, or use multiple infrared panel heaters throughout a building to give warmth to your animals day and night. Our infrared panels and patio heaters have been used in the past to provide heat to catteries and kennels. Their power and distance in which they can heat objects, humans and animals mean they can provide a constant and reliable warmth to those of you needing 24 hour care to your animals. Rest assured Kiasa far infrared will keep those animals comfortable and happy inside your business or rescue. If you have any questions about keeping your pets and animal businesses safe and warm, please do not hesitate to contact us. After all, a happy pet means a happy home!

kiasa heating animal friendly


Heating up large spaces like barns, horse stables or lambing sheds it can be extremely difficult and comes with its own set of problems. This could be because of the vast volume of the space, or the open doorways that are needed to keep the place functional.

​Using old methods of heating can really be a big disadvantage as the warmer air just travels up to higher areas of the building rather than staying where is need and finds ways to escape through the cracks and corners. The unheated areas below need to be reheated again which consumes a lot more energy and money.

​The Kiasa Halo Range is perfect for just this! It is energy efficient, low cost as well as easy to maintain.

kiasa heating animal friendly


More compact pens and smaller areas with higher than usual heat loss becomes a problem.  The British weather can be extremely unpredictable and being able to manage the temperature for these areas can be difficult to say the least.

Infrared heating can make a really big difference to this. Outdoor Infrared is a form of directional heating warming up the animals instead of just heating the air as this is what most convection heaters do.

Our Halo Range is just perfect for this. Instant effective heat that won't break the bank!