Yorkshire Landlord Pours £200,000 into Low-Carbon Heating Trial

Innovative Investments: Yorkshire Landlord Pours £200,000 into Low-Carbon Heating Trial

Yorkshire Housing is the biggest housing association in Yorkshire that owns and manages around 20,000 homes across the region. 

Bob Spedding, head of asset strategy at Yorkshire Housing, said: “Our 16,500 homes across Yorkshire produce around 50,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year and we plan to get that number to zero by 2050. In favour of that statement, they are investing £200,000 in a pilot project to trial an innovative new energy-efficient carbon heating system in some of its homes in York. (Source: Yorkshire Housing)

Despite the challenges, the potential benefits of investing in infrared technology for the UK are promising. With careful planning, research, and collaboration, UK companies can capitalize on this growing market and contribute to the advancements. The Yorkshire Housing trial focuses on infrared panels and the strategy behind showcasing their potential as the future of low-carbon heating. 

The Low-Carbon Heating Trial Plan 

Yorkshire Housing is replacing the bulky and inefficient electric panel heaters with infrared heat panels within 30 flats. Infrared panels use infrared radiation to heat objects directly, meaning they have a much lower wattage compared to traditional panel heaters. This translates to lower energy consumption and reduced electricity bills for residents. Another important factor is that, unlike traditional heaters that warm the air, infrared panels directly heat the occupants and objects in the room. This targeted approach avoids wasteful heating of empty spaces, further improving energy efficiency. Infrared panels are also much thinner and free up valuable wall space in the flats, which are likely smaller and space-constrained.

Infrared heating panels emit heat immediately upon switching on, providing a quicker feeling of warmth than traditional heaters. While still electric, infrared panels can contribute to lower carbon emissions if they achieve significant energy savings compared to the previous heaters. They hope that switching to infrared heat panels will offer benefits in terms of efficiency, cost, comfort, and space optimization. It's important to note that this relatively new technology comes with tonnes of benefits and convenience and we agree. Installing sensors to measure humidity and temperature levels in flats, will help prevent dampness and mould caused by excess moisture in the air. By analyzing the data, it will also determine how well customers are adapting to the technology and if they need additional support to optimize their new heating system. The pilot project is already underway, with the installation set to be completed early next year. The efficiency of the infrared panels, thermal comfort, and affordability for customers will be fully assessed before they decide on the possibility of rolling out the technology to additional properties.

In light of the pressing environmental conditions in the UK, infrared heating comes out as a sustainable heating solution for the present and the future. Kiasa is one trusted company that is mindful of the environment with its line of infrared heating products that include panels and bars. Our products can be customized as per your and your home’s requirements. The products are built to last, easy on the pocket while our service has a faster lead time.

Our Contribution Towards the Cause

Kiasa’s infrared heating solutions and energy-efficient products use science and technology to make sure the products are energy efficient, lower in cost, and provide a healthier home environment. Unlike central heating radiators, our infrared heaters are eco-friendly as they do not emit carbon dioxide or any other harmful gases. Unlike conventional heating systems, the energy efficiency also comes from the targeted heating mechanism that minimizes energy wastage by avoiding the unnecessary heating of large volumes of air. Additionally, infrared heaters often operate using electricity, which can be sourced from renewable energy, further reducing their environmental impact. The efficiency, precision, and cleaner energy sources associated with infrared heaters make them an environmentally friendly option for heating spaces. Contact us at 0116 488 5150 or via email at customer.support@kiasa.co.uk to purchase our products and do your bit towards a healthy environment and a healthy you.

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