Convection Heaters vs Infrared Heating Panels

Convection Heaters vs Infrared Heating Panels

We’ve explained what infrared is and how infrared heating uses radiant heat, targeting objects such as humans, animals, and furniture, but it can be hard to actually visualise what that means for home heating and especially when comparing it to traditional convection-style heating.

The infographic shows a side-by-side of both infrared heating and convection heaters and illustrates the efficacy of using an infrared heating system over more traditional methods of home heating. 

As well as producing instant heat, infrared heating helps prevent mould and damp, is eco-friendly and dust allergy friendly, and is cost-effective. With the cost of living soaring, anything that can help save those pennies is a winner.

Interested in outfitting your house with an infrared heating system? Maybe you’re planning a home renovation and want to find the most sustainable way of heating your house. The team at Kiasa are here to help, so get in touch to discuss your requirements.

KIASA 1200W Smart Wi-fi Infrared Heating Panel - wall mounted in office area

Transform Your Space with Infrared Heating IR Panels

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